Monday, December 29, 2008

The Sculpture

Someone asked for more information concerning the sculpture I gave my wife. This site views it from multiple angles.

Here is what was written on the card that came with the statue:

"Throughout Auguste Rodin's career, the couple was a constant source of inspiration, enabling him to express all nuances of tenderness, passion and sensuality. Along with The kiss, Fugit Amour, "idol" is one of the most famous groups inspired by this theme. Rodin chose to portray in this group the domination of women over man who kneels before her in an attitude of adoration, and seems to pay an almost religious homage to an indifferent divinity.

It should be noted that the first title for this work was The Host, clearly indicating this notion of devotion. The composition of the group accentuates it psychological aspect. The deliberate vertical line formed by the woman's arms and head contrasts with the diagonal of the man's body and increases the impression of his dependence and respect."

What's amazing is that she decided to put in our living room with a lamp spot lighting it. I'm hoping she moves it to the top of the piano. :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas and Anticipation

It was a good day. Friends came over for dinner. Kids had a good time. Overall one of the better Christmas's.

From a wife led standpoint nothing too exciting but generally more consistent. I gave my wife a statue (Riordan's eternal love). You all know the one, he's kneeling infront of her while she gazes upon him. She really liked it. But more importantly, I told her how tough it was to buy because I know she doesn't want our entire marriage to be about the sexual wife led aspect. She really appreciated my concern and it was a good conversation.

Other than that, lots of coffee service, fetching, etc. etc. While we were at a store today she made me walk behind her, flollowing dutifully. Wonderful.

Anticipation: We have scheduled a night away from the kids for next saturday. Some drinking and sex. I've told her I'd like to wait until then to orgasm but would appreciate some teasing. She said fine but fine but was concerned that I would just get cranky. I thought it was telling that she thought it through.

So all in all, not alot of sex but quite a bit of wife led situations. I hope all is well with you and will post again as our night away approaches.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gift Troubles.....You See

My wife is having a tough time trying to figure out what to get me for Christmas. I am truly fortunate that I don't really need or even want anything. However, I do appreciate that she's struggling.

We are talking about her gift struggles when she got home from work. And since she had just got in the door she placed her boot clad foot up on the kitchen counter. Her signal that I'm to remove it and put on a different pair of boots (for the bad weather.) Well, this is fun and I'm gladly removing her boots and telling her that "this" is all I need for Christmas.

My wife is quite nice and she lifts her foot for me to place the other boot on her foot. I casually bend over to put it on. Just before I slip her foot into the boot, she lowers it. I bend over farther and she lowers it again. I then get on my knees and she says, "You see?" As in, you see that I'm the boss. As in, "You see?", I made you get on your knees to put the boot on my foot.

"Yes" was all I said.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Gifts

Like many of you I've been thinking about what to get my wife for Christmas. But I also realize all the gifts can't follow the wife led theme. There would be too much "pressure." And I think that many wives are concerned that love has been substituted for the wife led aspect of their marriage. Gentlemen, be careful.

Just in case my wife reads the blog, I'm not going to post what I've purchased for her. But a fellow blogger uses a picture of it on his blog.

I've no idea what my wife is going to get me. She did purchase a small bell she likes to ring to summon me. Very cool.

Other random thoughts......

Christmas dinner with friends is at our house. There is so much to do that I won't expect my wife to just sit with our guests while I do everything. I'm not sure I could! I do hope that she shows some public dominance.

I'm planning on having a friend and her 4 kids over for lunch. She's very funny and definately in a wife led marriage. Last week, she attempted to phone her husband 4 times in about 2 minutes. I joked that she shouldn't be so controlling. She said, "I'm not controlling because I'm already in control." "So you're the boss?" I replied. "Yes, and Mike knows it." Holy crap.

I must run now, I have a ton of cleaning to do and with other errands it will most likely take me a few days.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Wife-Led Marriage.....Not Easy

I often wonder (not care mind you) what others would think of a wife led marriage. Do others think that I take the easy way out.....abdicating the "head of the household" role to my wife. Just let her run things and relax.

Anyone in a WLM knows that it is probably harder to have her take control. You first have to deal with your own feelings of insecurity. Then you have to figure out how to tell her that you want her to be the boss. And from all the blogs I've read, (hey AAT's :), having your wife feel comfortable about taking control, being a bit bossy, expecting and then insisting on your devoted attention and services and managing the sex's just plain difficult. The funny thing is that when most men start this, run into the difficulties, they (and certainly I) don't understand why it is so tough for the women. ((Hey, just grab a handful of hair, thrust our head between your legs and when satisfied, smack us on the ass as you send us off to do your laundry and clean the kitchen! LOL))

I ran into another problem yesterday. I so want her to take control of our sex life and she has except that she frequently forgets due to her low libido. She was home from work before the kids but has forwarned me not to expect anything because she really had alot of work to do. At one point, she asked me if I wanted to "drop and stroke 20 times." A new olympic record for kneeling. A very funny conversation insued trying to determine if a stoke was up, or up and back. Much to my dismay, up is one, back is two. I tried in vain to coax more strokes but she denied me. Talk about being frustrated. I hadn't had any sexual contact in one week. I was quite pissed and barely managed to hide my anger. (I didn't need to orgasm, just play some more.)

After some thought, I called her later and thanked her for allowing me 20 strokes. I've received what I've asked for and.........Not easy.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pat on My Back

A "Pat on My Back" moment. Yesterday morning I was sorting through what is going into each child's stocking while my wife was putting on her makeup. She decided her outfit wasn't right and changed in front of me. So there I was, sitting on the floor looking up at her lacy camisole and my favorite undergarment, her lacy slip. God I love that slip. It's a 1/2 slip, all black with great lace on the bottom edge. And OH MY FREAKING HELL the way it hugs her hips.....oh wait, anyway, I'm quite proud of myself for not staring too much and not whipping it out and jerking off. She was obviously quite rushed and definately wouldn't have liked that at all. I must say I wished she acknowledge that I didn't pressure her. I know some of you are further along in your wife-led marriage but for me, this was a big deal. LOL

Monday, December 08, 2008

Wife's Away

She's at a conference having left on Saturday and returning tomorrow, tuesday. As is customary, and regardless of when it was last done, she gets clean sheets. It's just one of our "things."

What she doesn't know is that I am going to suprise her by painting the laundry room. It's actually an extension of our kitchen which I just finished painting. I"m finding it more difficult than I thought because a. I still need to do laundry, alot and b. the kids need me to drive them around, cook them meals, etc.

I"m sure she will be very happy.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Water Boy

As I posted yesterday, my wife and I had to be in different places to drive out kids around. However, we did overlap at our youngests practice where there is a gym. I wasn't feeling well and sat with the other parents while she continued on the treadmill.

About 30 minutes later my sweaty wife joined us. We watched the kids then she said, "I'm thirsty." I muttered a "yes dear" or "of course", "I'll get you something to drink." She replied, "No calories and no caffine." Away I went.

Now normally I'd be posting about how I hope others heard, etc. But frankly I don't care. They may have or not depending upon how intently they were watching the practice. The point is that this recent increase in demands both publicly (see Permission) and privately have been wonderful and makes me feel more emotionally connetected to her than ever.

(And then this morning I was sleeping when she turned on the lights and simply said, "Lets go." Her way of waking me to serve her coffee that by the way had already been brewed but not yet poured.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


How do you all seperate what is "normal" from what is wife-led? Can things be seperate? Should they be? If you do things that are simply nice for your wife but you are in a wife-led marriage are those things automatically "wife-led" or can they be separate?

I ask these question because of the following simple situation. We car pool with another family so my kid can go to a music lesson. Tonight they drive, we pick up. At the same time another kid has sports practice. Both end at the same time. The music lesson is 30 minutes away, the sports is about 5. I of course told my wife that I'll drive the 30 minutes (hour round trip) so she can have the easier and quicker pick up. In addition, we will both already be at the sports practice working out.

I'm finding it difficult to seperate my driving the longer distance as a nice, simple husbandly jesture from a nice, simple lovingly jesture a husband in a WLM should perform. And honestly, I like the wife-led part of it. And for more honesty, I wish she would have just told me to drive the longer distance.

I suppose it doesn't matter if I consider the driving wife led or not as long as I don't fixate on it and turn it into some over the top scene.

A quick follow up. She sent me an email saying that the music lesson driving is all mine and that she would score points by putting ready made cookies in the oven and taking a hot shower. I responded with a funny WTF email...."So you get the points while I drive an hour?" Her response, "Yes, glad you understand."

Hmmmm, maybe the normal day to day things that were once just "normal" are now part of the fabric of our wife led marriage. And if so, I'm damn happy about it.

Monday, December 01, 2008

No Poptarts

As a continuation to a wonderful sexy intercourseless weekend, I went food shopping with my wife. She points to things, no words, just points and I put them in the basket. Hey, for a wife-led marriage, this is fun! :)

Anyway, on the way home we were discussing our weight, working out, etc. She told me that I was not allowed to have any poptarts until January 1. If I did, she would allow me to orgasm until then.

Like I've posted before, it's the little things.