Sunday, June 27, 2010

God Told Me

OK,not really.

There are some women (and their husbands) that say the Bible tells them that the wives should be subservient to the husbands.

What frustrates the hell out of me is that if we were in a "husband led marriage" and my wife told her girlfriends that it was this way because of the Bible, no one would question her. It wouldn't be embarassing.

But if we men and their wives come out of the closet and say that our marriage is centered around/focused on the needs, wants and happiness of the wife first (not exclusively)....well, that's a whole other story.

I will concede that part of it is my baggage, but not all of it. Is it the kinky sex factor. The image of a leather clad dom?

I'm not sure but there is a difference.

Perhaps we are just to scared to question someone when they bring faith into the equation.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Final Say

Though it's officially next week, we celebrated our 4th anniversary of being wife led. Well, actually, it's more like when we acknowledged it. As stated here frequently, we've been wife led since the beginning.

She asked me how, in one sentence only, I would define wife led. I came up with a few. It's not easy.

Here is what she said, "Our wife led marriage is one where I consider my needs and yours, get your input and when we don't agree, I have the final say."

Pretty much.....instant hard on....LOL

Friday, June 18, 2010

A Sober Conversation

Lot's of fun, kinky talk occurs with a bit of alchohol in our systems. Drunk, horney and humping is no time to talk. Lord knows who remembers what and there's always something in there about wanting to watch the wife with two midgets, her girlfrined and farm tools. (Ok, that may be an exageration)

Stone cold sober my wife talked with me today. She brought up if I think we are wife led and if not, alot of my actions are confusing.

I told her that I love a WLM and think it's fun and brings us closer together, etc. That even just talking about it got me aroused. I was quite honest. I ended with a "however". However, if due to her lack of a sexual brain she can't incorporate a wife led marriage into our daily life and would rather keep it a fun once per month sex game then fine.

I asked her what she thought. She said we were definately in a WLM even though I was trying to pull away. She said this is who we are and who you are.

She said that even though she doesn't get sexaul satisfaction from it (WLM) she likes it because it adds a sexual component to our marriage. She wants to continue our wife led marriage and asked that I tell her more of what I want and not to let nothing occur for too long. I appreciate her honesty.

We will see how things go.

Monday, June 14, 2010

How To Leave A Husband

A few days prior to my wife leaving for a girls getaway weekend in AZ, I just came out and told her how much fun (and appropriate) it would be to get me aroused in the garage and leave me that way as she drove off for fun in the sun.

And that's exactly what happened. I suppose my asking/suggesting (praying:P) for her to do that may not be the perfect wife led moment but with all the troubles we've had, it was OK with me.

Honestly, I thought she'd forgotton about it. She raised the garage door so we could access the hatchback for her suitcase. It was then I thought, "She must have forgotten, there is no way she'll have me masturbate with the door open." Risk is one thing, jail time another.

Then she closed the door.

I hesitated. It was awkward and I told her so. She asked me to start "thinking" about her. That's our not so secret code word to masturbate.

In short order I was on my knees telling her I hope she has a good time with her girlfriend in AZ (no, neither are bisexual...sorry). Then she asked me what I wanted. Again, not the perfect wife led moment but if it makes her feel more comfortable then maybe it is.

I told her I wanted to get very, very hard, very aroused, to drip precum and then wait. I wanted her to watch me drip, aching and throbbing as she backed out of the driveway. I told her I wanted her to know I'd think of her each night before I went to sleep, making myself crazy with lust for her. And that's what happened. I stroked, I ached, dripping precum and she drove off.

Later we exchanged emails. Here is what I wrote:

I hope you had a good time today. And know that I'll think of you a bit before I go to bed, reminding myself that I was hard, dripping and sticky as you drove off to your girlfriend getaway.

And that was fantastic and exactly how I envision a perfect marriage. the wife arousing the husband alot, restricting his orgasms and there by ensuring that he'll be thinking of her....ALOT:)"

She responded to keep thinking of her. She gets home tomorrow. Can't wait.

Confused? Me too......

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

An Interesting Week

But not how I'd hope nor you'd like to hear about.

Two weekends ago (12 days), we had sex. Yup. Intercourse. First intercourse since our trip to AZ the first week in April. Roughly 8 weeks. And despite a few times I masturbated while she watched, it was the only sexual interaction too.

And prior to said screwing we talked about if we should reinstate our wife led marriage. It's a long story. Same old stuff really. You don't want to read about it and sure don't want to write it out again.

Here's the interesting part. Over the last 12 days, I am caring less and less about sex. This has been going on now for a while. Age? Perhaps, but more likely due to very little physical interaction with my wife.

It's like I want to just say, "Whatever."

What I'm most proud of is that I can't control her or her actions. I can only control how I react to her. I can only control myself and I'm doing a good job of not getting angry. I think the word is, "Acceptance."