Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm Done

As I last posted, things are going well but I've found that I really don't have much to say. I think this is normal. Unless you have a blog that is commenting on external stimuli (i.e. politics, new movies, etc) you just run out of things to talk about.

And while I enjoy some other blogs, I don't think that's a reason to keep mine.

I sincerely hope that anyone who has visited my blog finds whatever they are looking for and understand that all relationships are a journey. Now go take care of your wife!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Not alot to blog about. We are just cruising along. Some minor ups and downs but nothing blog worthy. And she has a very large project due in 2 weeks so I don't expect much "action" during this time.

I hope all is well in your relationship.

Friday, July 17, 2009

"You're in trouble"

"You're in trouble." These are the words I heard after bringing one of my kids home from a sporting event. I had just gotten out of the car.

It was said by a mom sitting accross the street with some other neighbors.

"You're in trouble." "We just saw (wife's name) take out the garbage."

I wasn't actually in trouble but I found it quite arousing that she said it, that they all obviously knew who the boss was. Ha, if they only knew!

It's been awhile since anyone's commented like that and that is both good and bad. Good because I think it's so freaking obvious, so "normal" in the way others see us, that no one even cares. Bad, in that I like thoses comments. I like the acknowledgement from others that they know she's the boss. I like the subtle humiliation that speeds up my heart. Open acknowledgement from others is a turn on. It makes it more real.

Friday, July 10, 2009

I Promise......

As some of you know, I present coffee to my wife in our little morning ritual. I get down on one knee and say, (and it varies each day) "With this coffee I promise to (insert: obey, love, change the sheets on the bed,...etc.).

Today was no different.

"With this coffee I promise to obey."

She just stared at me and didn't accept the coffee. Hmmm, thinking she wasn't in a playful or kinky mood I tried again.

"With this coffee, I promise to love and obey."

Hey, women like the love stuff.

She just stared. It's also what she does every time we have a drink together. I have to toast her. But I have to guess what she is thinking. If I'm wrong (often) she just stares at me and waits until I guess correctly.

"Um, I don't understand." I said.

She replied, "A promise is for the future. You should say just say obey."

"With this coffee, I obey."

"That's better."

Happily aroused I went and poured my own coffee.

Later she asked me how I was. Great, I replied. She is feeling disconnected from me. Her job is quite demanding and as the sole bread winner and with 3 teenagers, she can't just quit and move. And due to some unforseen activities of said teenagers, I've been gone a few nights this week. I did ask her if her feelings of disconnect were due any lack of wife led attention on my part. I have been dialing it down a bit lately, tired of pushing myself on her. Fortunately, this isn't the issue. Whew!! :)

I'm pretty sure that many readers like the first part of this post. And had I not written about her feelings of disconnection, it would have seemed like the perfect wife led moment.

But I don't think real wife led marriages are like that. They aren't perfect. They are messy. Real life gets in the way and I thought it important to show both sides.

Have a great weekend and don't forget to serve your wife/gf (both :) breakfast in bed or for the women, expect and demand it. Enjoy.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Exercising Control

"You can turn off my light now." Shit, I hate that. I w, s just about asleep, her lamp is in arms reach, yet she makes me get out of bed and walk over and turn off her light. And honestly, I didn't want to. I was tired and her lack of anything sexual was making me mad. Other than the times I've initiated something sexual, nothing from her in almost 2 weeks. We had a date at an outdoor concert on Tuesday night and nothing then. I suppose my frustration was showing.

After turning off the light and getting back into bed she said, "I thought I should exercise my control. Because I can." Wow.

And then this morning I went thought my normal (ha, normal for us:) ritual of presenting her coffe to her on one knee and saying something like, "With this coffee, I thee promise to love, honor and obey." It changes daily.

And after I said that she just looked at me. Didn't extend her hand to take her coffee. Just stared at me. So I tried again with a different phrase. Nothing, she just stared at me.

So I said, "With this coffee, I thee promise to love, honor, obey and to turn off your light without attitude." Coffee service completed.

Hey At All Times, lets combine our wives. Yours is dominant in the bedroom, mine out of the bedroom. LOL

Friday, July 03, 2009


This moring was fun. As usual I served my wife coffee as she watched the morning news. Usually, I do this in a pair of boxers that say "wife worshipper" on them. It's our morning ritual. And once in a while I mix it up a bit, like today, when I wear an apron. Nothing frilly, just a white apron. No biggie.

As she was putting on her make up she requested that I "think of her." That's our double secret signal that I am to masturbate for her. And of course I gladly did. And as I was approaching orgasm I grabbed a pair of her lace panties as, what she calls, a "catcher's mit." I just hold them in front of me. We both like that little bit of submissive symbolism. First orgasm in 6 days and it felt good (duh.)

Here's the funny symbolic part. As I was moving the wash to the dryer, those lace panties and my apron strings were totally entwined together. I told her about it later and we both got a bit of a chuckle.