Saturday, October 16, 2010

Slow but Steady

I'm sorry I haven't posted in while. Fortunately, it's not because we left the WLM lifestyle but more because there hasn't really been much to post about.

I've started a full time 50+ hours per week job. This has neccessitated my wife doing more around the house. A hard cold dose of reality.

With my wife's low libido and recent travels, sex, well intercourse, has been non-existent. And as she loses interest more and more, I find it quite difficult to push the issue knowing I'll get rejected.

However, I still serve her coffee on bended knee each morning and she has made me arouse myself on a few occasions. While most result in my orgasm, some don't and thats fun.

I don't know what constitutes a "normal" sex life. I do believe we are at the "fringe."

But we are relatively happy and making it work, so for now, it's OK.