Saturday, August 30, 2008

Follow Up to Email

After sending my wife the aforementioned email, we had some discussions. The email faded away abit as life got in the way.

We are finding that the early morning is becoming our "sex play" time. With a couple of teenagers, one of us ( OK, me) stays up to ensure they get home. My wife has to get up very early to get to work so she goes to bed long before I do. So weekday evening are out. However they do sleep in so we are uniterrupted. The downside is that intercourse is out. My wife needs a drink or three to loosen up and relax a bit and she can't go to work with a buzz :)

This morning I dragged my self out of bed. Dog tired from not getting to bed until near midnight. I poured her coffee and as usual I asked if there was anything else I could do for her. She was silent then said she was thinking of something sexual but couldn't come up with an idea so "Get over here and stroke yourself." I gladly did. She asked if I was worthy of an orgasm and I said maybe not yet. She disagreed and said I have been very attentive lately. (And I'm sure it helped that I alphabetized her extensive CD collection....just because I'm a nice (and horny) guy.

She then had me cum into the "Wife Worshipper" boxers and keep them on while I folded laundry at her feet and she quietly read her book. I'm to wear these while I run her errands, do the laundry, etc. etc. Of course, I have a pair of shorts over the top.

Now I know this isn't overyly kinky and wild for some of you. But ours is a true wife led marriage, not something out of Two real people trying to make their marriage work while balancing kids, jobs and all the curves life throws at us. Peace to you all.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

An email sent to my wife

Background: My wife wanted some ideas on how she could be more "sexual" because she said her brain doesn't work that way. Here is what I sent her. I'll post again soon with her comments.


I guess it's about attention, NOT ABOUT THE ORGASM. I think every husband wants their wife to think sexually about them. I know I need attention. Teasing and denial (or not) is so very important because without it, we head down the slippery slope of not much teasing and alot of ignoring. And that doesn't work.

So here are some ideas. There were lots of ways to catoragize them but I decided on time of day. it seemed as good as any.

Any touching, even the most brief caress is, of course, welcome. As is the "look" you give me when you want something done. And any signs in public that you are the boss are both fun and appropriate (ie telling Kim and Matt that perhaps you'd just watch me cook you dinner.)

expect better yet, demand service. Just say, things like, "serve my coffee", "apples w/peanut butter", demand a show
make me sit with my back toward you and drop your towel next to me (you are naked by I can't see) stroking or not.
Make me wear a thong all day,
Have me help you put on shoes/boots.
tell me to go and fill your car, wash your car, get cash all without underwear.
touch me...anywhere
make me watch you shower with weekend back lighting
get me/have me get hard at the door before you leave
make me clean the kitchen while you watch
polish your shoes, iron
apply lotion
sit at your feet and fold laundry while you watch the news

day time via email or phone:
tease myself
clean naked
clean hard
get your drycleaning and have me make sure that they know it's yours and you are the boss.
bring you lunch, coffee, whatever to your desk, clinic or Bountiful. make me come to bountiful, take your car for a wash and bring it back.
make me bring you a different pair of shoes because your feet are sore.
make me bring you a sweater in clinic because you are cold.
Bring you a blouse because you were slimed.
Bring a coworker (and probably but not nessessarily you) lunch.
Tell someone that you'll have me do something for them ie watch Ben while you and Katie get manicures, Dede's kids while you two have lunch, fix something at Nancy's house, etc etc.
prepare written reports on vacations, couch options, travel plans.
Contact one of your friends for information, ie act as your male executive assistant
make as many appointments as possible
tell me to get my hair cut.
you hand write a list and have me pick up those items. Tell me to check with sales girl.
before getting my hair cut, have me call you and hand the phone to the stylist so you can tell her what you want without my input.
Shop for you. Shoes, skirts, bouses and of course panites, etc. House hold items. Calll me and speak to the sales person.
Have me prepare a meal and bring it to a friend's house.

dinner time
have me prepare dinner, table set and clean up with decaf. You sit and talk with me while I work.
Assume the head of the table.
bump, rub lightly touch anywhere on my body while I'm cooking/cleaning dinner
decaf service

bed time/night time
back rub
foot/callous care
sleep on floor
sleep at foot of bed
sleep without covers
sleep in thong
sleep in wet spot or mess
fold laundry at foot of bed while you sleep.
clean/gas your car, whatever attire
you hand write a list and have me pick up those items. Tell me to check with sales girl.
get hard then sleep
clean kitchen/mop floor in only shorts so others see me cleaning while you are obviously asleep.

Date nights/weekends:
tell me what to wear, where to go, what to eat, what to drink, etc. etc.
stand aside and wait for me to open the doors
tell the salesperson that I''ll pay for it
use me as your purse. Have me carry anything you'll need that night.
hold your glass out and expect me to fill it.
don't even move when we have guests. Just expect me to do everything. Better yet just say, "Let the men clean up."
wear something lacy
make me help you with shoes
let others know you are the boss
flirt with me or others
make me change into, out of whatever you choose
grocery shopping training
order for me
have me tell the waiter that you are the wine tester

while traveling on business:
(see above while you are at work.)
have me meet you at the airport and carry ALL your bags
flirt and then call me about it
call me at home when you know someone is here and interrupt our visit and give me orders.

I'm sure there are lots of other ideas or derivations of these that you can have some fun with and make sure that YOU feel comfortable.

I love you and thanks for reading.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nothing New

I'd like to have some wild sex story to report or some public display of my wife's furthering acknowledgement and acceptance of our wife-led marriage.

The only "fun" thing was that my wife had her jewelry cleaned when we were at a local mall. Normally, she hands me her rings, particularly her engagement and wedding ring, for me to put back on. It's a "thing." It's what we always have done; my putting these rings back on her fingers. I put them on a long time ago and we've just kept going, long before our wifeledness.

Anyway, she put her rings back on in the store. About 1/2 hour later we were eating dinner outside and I commented on this fact. She looked at me and took her rings off and handed them to me. She then non-verbally refused to put her hand out until I was on one knee. Of course I did that and a table of 4 applauded. I just laughed and said it wasn't what they thought. That I always put her rings back on her fingers this way after 18 years of marriage. It was just a thing.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Finding Balance

A great blog, At All Times ( recently discussed being more submissive and working harder to please your wife. That we, as lucky husbands in various stages of Wife-led Marriages, should care less about our orgasms and our wives denying us and more about serving them. Eventually they will see the light and accept their dominance over us.

And generally I agree. I am guilty of caring to much about the sexual aspect and not enough about my service. But like it is discussed on AroundHerFinger, service doesn't happen in a vaccuum.

I guess the question is how long can one go with little or no recognition from their wife? My personal fear and it's acknowledged by my wife is if she gets too complacent then I'll get angry and frustrated and give up causing damage to an already fragile sex life.

So, how much should the wife participate?

Saturday, August 09, 2008

A First Time

I don't believe I've posted twice in one day but thought this was noteworthy.

Friends dropped off their kid for a birthday/sleepover. I mentioned that in the 8 years we've lived here we have only had the house overnight to ourselves once. (with 3 kids that's no suprise.)

I said something about if that happens again, we could go out to dinner and then come back to the house. My wife looked me directly in the eyes and said, "Or I could just sit here and watch you cook me dinner." I replied, "Of course, that would work too." There was a bit of silence then the conversation went esle where.

After they left I said something about her comment. She replied, "Just be happy I left out that you'd be wearing an apron with all the windows open, like a fishbowl (for all to see.)" Wow.

Too Hard to Think

My wife and I were discussing what gave us a "rush." She said that she really likes to go shopping and drop what she wants at the cashier, tell me to pay for it, then move on to the next store.

She added that she tries not to go to far as I have trouble finding her. She told me it was because, "I get too hard to think straight." LOL She's right, I get that buzz, that rush, whatever you want to call it, get erect, and all thought leaves me.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Boss Lady

The wife comes out of her bathroom and hands me her "chapstick". I remember it well because I bought it at a adult-lite novelty shop. It says, "Boss Lady." Even has apicture of a cowgirl with a whip!! Anyway, she ran out and told me to get some more.

Later I went to that adult-lite store. It's "lite" because they sell more clothes than dildos and it's very clean in an upscale neighborhood. I knew they sold it but couldn't find it.

So I approached the sales girl, a very tatooed early 20 something. She was working with 3 other young women. I asked her, "Where is the Boss Lady products." They just smiled. She showed me where they were along with a bandana that my wife could wear. She said it like she knew. I"m not suprised, she's probably heard it all before.

A little embarrassing and a little turned on too.