Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Job?

I don't like to post too much personal information. But to suffice to say that I've only had part time work for a few years which has allowed me to be an at home Dad. This plays right into a wife led marriage.

A more significant part time job, about 30 hours, is mine if I want it. My wife thinks it would be a good idea. I told her that if I take the job, I don't want our Wife-led marriage dynamic to change. She said it might enhance it.

She looked me straight in the eye and told me she would use the some of the extra money for new boots, more frequent hair coloring and some additional shopping. That the money would be hers. I haven't told her that I was actually getting erect when she was talking!

If this all pans out, I think I'll set up a minor ceremony when I give her the first check or perhaps the paper work for a direct deposit into an account that only she has access to. This is really symbolic because I'll only make about $300 per week compared to her thousands that I control to pay the household bills. Still, it could be fun.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Still trying

We spoke at length Saturday morning about the book, "The Female Brain." It was a good starting off point to talk about how different our minds are, especially with respect to sex.

I told her that I had a better understanding of her situation. That, according to the book, women want realtionships to be smooth. If our sex life gives her stress then one, stress itself is a sex reducer (duh) and two, with a non existent libido it would be hard for her to correct the issue.

She has a bad cold so I'm not going to push the intimacy issue much. Maybe take matters into my own hand (the right one:)

I'll post later this week with an update. Expectations are low and acknowledged which I find helpful so I dont' get disappointed. Tons of kids stuff going on.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I Changed my mind

I changed my mind. I didn't ask for any attention. In the past, I've approached her, hat in hand and asked if I could release. She almost always says yes, but in a "oh, that again, do whatever you want" type of look/response. It feels like begging and I'm through with that.

In any type of marriage a partner shouldn't have to fucking beg for a little physical attention. And I'm not just talking about sexual attention either.

Now I know that only two weeks ago everything was great and lead to great sex only 10 days ago. Maybe I'm over reacting. But it went from wonderful to NOTHING. Not a slow down mind you, to nothing. No touching, no teasing, nothing. Should I have addressed her lack of attention earlier. Maybe but I didn't want her to feel like I was insatiable.

Readers of this blog will notice the frequent and common pattern of many marriages. Up, up.....down. I guess my problem is that our up is what I would consider fairly normal for most couples. A LITTLE something each week. A little tease or even a little snuggle on the couch, a little reaching out to touch you as you fall off to sleep. FUCKING SOMETHING.

Ah....I feel better now. Thanks for letting me rant.

A Slow Week

Not much to report. A very slow week but I'm managing her lack of interest better. It's been a week since my last orgasm and while that isn't forever, it has also been a week since there was anything wife-led. And thats just too long. When she wakes up I think I'll ask her for a little attention. Pray for me...LOL