Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Helpmate Hubby, as always, makes some great points regarding double standards in a wife-led marriage. If you haven't read his blog I suggest you do.

Piggy-backing on his idea a bit; expectations. I"ve found that before the double standards occur, expectations change. Barely noticable at first sometimes I'm taken aback as my wife gets more comfortable in new marriage.

Just the other day, she walked right past a full coffee pot and sat down, fully expecting that I'd get up from the couch and serve her morning java. The one that suprised me the most was whne she was waking up one morning and I just happened to be walking into the bathroom. She simple stated/asked/questioned/demanded, "No Crystal Light?" (I always bring place a glass next on her nightstand before she goes to bed.)

She wasn't angry or nasty about it. A glass of Crystal Light at bedtime has become what she expects. I on the other hand was estactic that she was starting to accept new role.

Gents, be careful what you wish for, you might get it. LOL

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Have you ever typed in "nipple slip" into google? Tons of sites showing various starts and the opening of blouses. Who doesn't like a little nipple now and then? However, this post isn't about nipples (sadly:), it's about the other slippage.

Slippage in a wife led marriage are those moments when either yourself or your wife says or I suppose does something that might let others in on the dynamics of your relationship. I'm not talking about planned things like a frisky wife who purposely just stands next to the restaurant table waiting for you to pull her chair out. Those are fun. Slippage is unplanned and the shock of it is both exciting and awkward.

This past saturday we went to a sales pitch from a vacation club. When we were sitting down with the salesperson he asked who make the initial call after getting the invitation. I told him that I did. He then confirmed that it was I who completed the on-line travel survey to get the invitation. At this point my wife jumped in and said no, she had done the survey. He was a little confused and inquired as to why I had placed the phone call if she had done the survey. A simple, clean response from my wife did the trick....."Because I told him to." Granted this guy was a stranger but there was an awkward moment or two and then he continued. What a turn on!

The second of the weekend slippage was mine. We had our closest friends over who don't know, at least officially, about the wife-led aspect of our marriage. The mundane day to day life stuff came up, specifically plumbing. They have exceptionally hard water and my wife asked if we did too. I simply replied that yes we do, and "that's why I have to use vinegar to get the stains off or YOUR bathtub." (this tub resides in our master bathroom) It just slipped out and I honestly didn't even think about it for a few minutes.


Monday, April 16, 2007

Vacationing with kids

Ah yes...vacation sex. Oh

We just spent a great week in the Carribean at a rented house right on the beach. Not alot of great wild sex with kids around but a fair amount of wife-led situations. Some of the highlights:

1. A woman was attempting to get us so reduced price tickets if we'd go and listen to a sales pitch. I casually said that my wife makes those types of decisions and the sales girl replied/inquired, "You mean your wife is the boss?" "Yes", I replied, "she is the boss."

2. We woke up each morning long before the kids which provided me with the opportunity to serve her coffee, naked.

3. The very first morning, we walked out on the beach with our coffee and she took my coffee and told me to take off my clothes and swim. I don't think anyone saw me:)

4. Our kids all started to skinny dip and told me to join them. As our pool was easily seen by a few on the beach I declined. That was until my wife gave me the look. I stood up, dropped my suit and looked up to see a 20 something youny women catching an eyeful.

5. Alot of towel, chair and drink service provided by me to her on the beach and deck. I mean alot with multiple trips back and forth. Her personal cabanna boy.

6. I took the kids into town so she could go topless and tan her breasts. When I returned I was teased with the details of the pool guy showing up and seeing her.

Yes, there was some sex and some permitted masturbation but the highlights were the little things.

The best: Our first morning home and I'm in the basement checking emails. The coffee has already brewed and I hear her sit in her chair near the TV and yell down, "Yes please." Her way of telling me to serve her coffee. She walked right by the coffee pot in the kitchen and continued in her role in our wife led marriage. I love this woman!