Friday, March 23, 2007

The Perfect Week

Do you remember the first few months after meeting your gf/bf? Hot and heavy and then it naturally tapers off. Similarities abound when converting to a wife-led marriage. Quickened pulse as you explore this new dynamic but then it too slows down to a regular rythem.

A complaint....hardly.

I find the little demands she makes so very important and quite stimulating. For example, last weekend we were doing yardwork. Occasionally, she'd purposely drop/throw something on the ground and tell me to pick it up. Upon doing so, she'd give me a smack on the ass. Just one each time. As this occurred on the side of the house, I doubt anyone noticed and even if they did, it would appear as some playful husband/wife stuff, not some kinky spankig scene. Well, once wouldn't appear kinky. If you saw your neighbor do that you'd just snicker at their playfullness. But what if you saw it happen 5 times over a 10 minute span? Each time the wife, now obviously dropping things on purpose, just to make her husband bend over to recieve a quick smack on the ass. Hmmmmm LOL.

And as I write about this, my first thought was the turn on was the possibility of a neighbor seeing us. But the more I think about it, the most stimulating aspect was that she was participating in something sexual within the realm of her position in a wife-led marriage. And I'll tell you, it kept my motor running until, well it's still running :)

Two days later, she added some fuel to the fire when I returned home after retrieving a child from a friend's house. We had about 20 minutes until dinner and she just looked at me and held up her car keys. This was a silent order to fill up her car (she doesn't pump gas....she always makes me do it.)

And last night we were watching a TV show and she handed me some lotion to apply to her hands. Again, no words were spoken.

Let's review: Saturday, a few smacks on the ass, Tuesday, the "look" to fill up her tank, Thursday, a little lotion application.

No sex, no orgasms, no big kinky scene...........and still the perfect week.

For all you husbands out there, please feel free to pass this on to your wives so they understand that it doesn't take alot to keep us happy.

Friday, March 09, 2007

A Very Quick Update

Up and down.......that's how I'd describe the wife led aspect of my marriage. And as such, physical intimacy has been lacking which makes me feel VERY distant from her.

However, she's getting back into the grove and I'll ask her this weekend if it is because she wants our relationship to head in this direction again or if she is only doing it for me.

Very early this morning she had me run a bath and deliver her coffee with breakfast. While she was relaxing I ran out and filled up her car and ran it through the wash all while wearing a man's thong under my sweats. Just prior to leaving she gave it a good yank.

Upon return she had me retrieve something from behind the tub, stripping down to the thong. And while doing so gave me a swat on the ass. During a phone call later this morning I was told to masturbate but not orgasm.

I mention these three things because they matter. A man in a wife led marriage is not without wants and desires. His service can be performed in a vacuum for only so long. As my wife's libido is somewhat low, I"ve told her that I like this type of attention and feel that it helps me serve her and alleviates the need for intercourse thereby taking some pressure off of her.

I guess, if her libido is low, then giving/recieving sexual attention must be tough for her. We will continue to work on it. Most important is that we do a fairly good job of commnunicating and as you all know, that is very important in a marriage.