Saturday, January 16, 2010

Did He Say "Ours" and she said, "Mine?"

I try not impose our marriage style on others. It's not that I really care that someone would know that we are in a wife led marriage. I just don't want them to feel uncomfortable. And I find that when my wife is around with others present I try to dial it down a bit.

Today we had quite a few people over for dinner. Pizza for my son's basketball team.

Two things happened that were pretty interesting. The first was when one of my kids wanted to take a shower but the kids' bathroom was occupied. A fairly close friend was over and she asked if we only had one bathroom. And at the exact same time, my wife and I replied, "We don't let the kids shower in...and I said "Ours" and she said "Mine." I said our's because I thought it might be awkward if I said "((Insert my wife's name))" Can you imagine a husband saying his wife's bathroom? Well, there was an awkward moment of silence and then said laughingly, "Well, her's." Our friend then went on a tangent about how each of their kids shower, etc. I just thought it interesting that my wife would say "mine" in front of our friend.

The second was even better and special because I'm not sure that my wife even noticed. Her friend and recently hired employee stopped by after everyone else had left. I poured some coffee and gave her a slice of cake for desert. Very innocent, very relaxed and honestly, probably something any guy would do. I then proceeded to clean the kitchen, load and unload the dishwasher, offer my wife a 2nd cup of coffee, wiped down the counters and kitchen table and then took the dishes from her friend. All the while they just chatted away at the table as I worked (and was part of the coversation too.) It's hard to explain that this was a super casual situation and it would have been quite natural for my wife to pitch in and help while talking to her friend. But she didn't. She just sat there with her as I worked quite hard and quickly. It almost seemed like they were at a restaurant and I was the bus boy:) (Her friend is 20 years younger and cute as hell so that would be fun:)

In no way did my wife acknowledge anyting wife led. No little glance or look. I'll ask her about it tomorrow. I'm curious if she noticed anything. I wonder what she would have thought if she was either friend and the same thing happened at someone else's house?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Money Issues

I use yahoo for my everyday email and they posted an article about money issues in marriage. It had some good points like discussing it BEFORE you get married, loaning money to extended family, etc etc. And there was a section on "power play" and who should control money and joint accoutns versus comingled.

I am not one of those guys that believes that just because you are in a wife led mariage that she should have total control, not allow you access at all and give you an allowance. I control all the finances. She makes quite a bit of money and long ago I decided not to over extend ourselves on our mortgage. Each month we have "play money" and always pay off our credit cards. We own 2 older cars (5 years and 8) that are paid for.

Shit, sorry that sounded like bragging. I never ever forget how fortunate we are.

But I bet she couldn't come with $3,000 of how much we have in our checking account and not within $25 K of our retirement account.

And no, this isn't an area where she had told me that I am to take charge. My controlling of the finances started long before our acknowledged wifeledness.

My point.....established roles, even one where the man leads AND is in a wife led marriage are OK. And for the financial safety of our kids I'd never let her have sole custody of all our money.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Smirking at Costco

My wife has some unexpected free time this morning and was able to drive the kids to school and then come back to the house, discuss vacation plans for the year and enjoy another cup of coffee. Of course, I was in my boxers proudly displaying "Wife Worshiper" on the front.

Just prior to her leaving she wanted me on my knees. Hey, who I am to complain. Stroking and naked except those boxers around my ankles, she asked me if they were clean. Spotless I replied, just got them out of the wash.

Too bad. Make them sticky and wear them when you go to Costco. Well, naked on my knees in front of my fully clothed wife who was telling me to orgasm and wear sticky underwear to Costco.....let's just say it didn't take long:)

And while shopping at Costco I run into two neighbors who live only a few houses away. Me with my list, doing what is normally my wife's job and wearing sticky wife worshiper boxers....just had to smirk the entire time we were talking.

So ladies and gentlemen, you never who has what on underneath and what had just happened at their house! LOL

Friday, January 01, 2010

I Resolve to......

Anyone who has read this blog knows of our informal but regular morning coffee service ritual. In a nutshell, I serve her coffee in a pair of boxers that say "Wife Worshiper" on them. I get down on a knee and say, "with this coffee I love you." Sometimes I say fun things. It's quick and fun. And a great way to start the day.

My wife believes that what you do on New Year's Day sets the tone for the year.

"Show me how happy I make you." (That's code to start mastrubating.)

Me: "I think every husband should start the year out this way,on his knees in front of his wife."
Her: "Every wife should require it."

Her: "Repeat after me."
"I resolve to obey."
"I reslove not to orgasm unless you (my wife) is present."
"I resolve to take my wife out on a date once per month."

Of course I repeated what she said, all the while, naked and stroking.

Happy New Year!!