Thursday, August 31, 2006

I Wonder?

My wife and I have become friends with another couple that recently moved to our town. My wife and the nusband work together. On more than one occasion he has mentioned needing to check with the "boss" (his wife.) My wife has also joked about if he has earned enough stars on his reward calendar to go and play golf. (A reference to a behavior modification used with kids. They both work with children.)

Today he calls me and said he checked with my boss and she said it was OK for me to go and play. We made our plans and I told him to thank my boss.

I think he is definately "Wrapped Around" his wife's finger. Wouldn't it be fun to be able to share this life style with someone else? Does anyone know about you?

Zero to Sixty

For the past few days, nothing. Nothing on the to do list, no requests for massage, hairbrushing, foot "care", running of a bath, errands, etc. Nothing. The vanilla life gets in the way! Her work stress, kids back in school requiring homework completion, back to school nights and the ever present sports practices really inhibited her desire to play.

And those 1200cc motorcycles. 0-60 in 3.4 seconds. During a rather normal morning, I find her in front of the to-do list. A few minor things and a request for breakfast served at 7 (a toasted bagel:) Served at 7 she tells me that is all she needs for now. 20 minutes later, the intercom on the phone rings. An annoying high pitched beeping. I don't ever bother to answer it.......I just stop what I'm doing and go to her. A come hither call:)

On the floor is the plate and napkin from her bagel. One look and I pick it up, nuzzle her neck and tell her that I'd strip out of my pajamas if the kids weren't up so I could serve her properly; naked.

Why the long story? It seems that many a man has been posting about the on/off issues surrounding the dynamics of a FLR (female led relationship.) Patience, patience and more patience is a must for most men. And allowing her to find what she is good at and makes her feel comfortable is paramount. Remember, her sucess in adapting to this lifestyle will be your sucess too. The payoff is a much better relationship and an improved marriage! Good luck to all.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Saturday Night Date

As previously posted, we did have our "date night" on Saturday. And it was pretty "normal." We went to a neighbors house for a few drinks then out to dinner. I'd like to say it was full of wife-led kinky stuff but it wasn't and that was just fine with me. However, it must have been on her mind because she made she noticed a few guys and made wrapped references. My only comment was to say that if more guys were wrapped, their marriages would be better.

Here's what I noticed most this weekend. Being wrapped around her finger is coming much more naturally to her. Comments, demands and frequent updates of the "to-do" list are occurring so often that it seems ordinary. Maybe that is why the weekend seemed normal. I wonder if this weekend occurred 2 months ago would I be posting about my wife's wild/kinky dominant behavior? Probably. My wife She says she likes it because it helps fullfill my sex drive with something she CAN do.

My hope is that it all continues at this level. I must be careful to notice if I start to push for more kinky stuff and turn her off.

I hope you had a good weekend. I'm off to run errands and knock off some of the things on the her to-do list. With any luck I'll get some mid-week......attention:)

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Another good sign

After work yesterday, mywife went shopping with a coworker. She doesn't go out with girlfriends often due to her desire to see our kids.

I thought I'd suprise her with a bottle of wine and had placed it in an ice bucket with two glasses on our bed. However, she stayed out later than I thought, so I brought it back into the kitchen and proceeded to doze off. No big deal.

When she arrived home she saw the wine and said she love a glass. As I was getting out of bed, she went into our bathroom/closet to change. And now comes the interesting part.....she opened up my top drawer and threw (not angrily) my chef's apron at me and told me to server her some wine. (Of course, only in the apron which is tied in the back then the strings are brought between my butt cheeks and wrapped and tied around my penis.) We talked, I served, had 2 glasses of wine and then to sleep. She had me sleep in the apron. "Wrapped" as she put it. (for those of you new to my blog, wrapped is a reference to the book, Wrapped Around Her Finger.)

While none of this is drastic or overly kinky it was two things. First, it was fun and playful. But more importantly it was a huge change in our situation. Never before would she come home from work tired with me half asleep and do that. Wow! More fun tonight with a sitter and date. Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Quick Update

Each morning I hit the blogs of other obviously smart like minded men! Always hoping to see a new post and thought that you all might be doing the same thing. So here is mine.

Everything is going great. We have a simple massage book from a while back and she picks out what she wants done. Not every night but frequently. After a hand massage she asked me why I don't brush her hair like I used to. After 15 minutes I stopped and she said the common wisdom is 100 strokes. Of course I wasn't counting so 1,2,3,4, No tangle now.

I'm attempting to set up a getaway for her and a girlfriend. When speaking to the GF who is also a close friend of mine, she asked what we were doing. I told her just little stuff around the house blah, blah blah and some ironing for my wife. My wife overheard our conversation and said she expects the GF to comment on my ironing for her. I wonder what my wife will say?

Got to go....water stopped and must serve the wife her morning coffee.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Does she really like this style of relationship?

This question is huge and though not as pervasive as it once was, it's still there for me. I worry what she thinks. Am I not manly enough? Is a wife-led relationship out of her comfort zone? Even after her reading of "Wrapped Around Her Finger" and subsequent discussions it (title question) still nags for now.

Today she phoned with a few add on's to my to-do list. She told me to write them down on the board. The same location that I mentioned in a previous post.....a possibility that others may see. The following is an email dialog about an hour after her phone call.

From Her
Subject: Performance feedback
I am thinking that your performance might be deserving of release soon. Keep it up!
(Release mean orgasm!)

From me:
Great timing. Just finished gardening per your phone instructions. I'm also recharging the batteries for my tools to help Julie (and I suppose Steve too.) with her garage shelving. I love it when you provide my services to your female aquaintances!!!!! And I love you too. I've found that releasing (orgasm) in front of you only once per week is both frustrating and rewarding. (I wonder if their different?) And since it's been a week, I'm pretty.....fired up. Thanks for thinking of me.
Wrapped and loving it. (are you?)---

Her reply:
Yes, I am loving the Wrap, and you too.

Wrapped refers to Wrapped Around Her Finger. A simple and fairly straight forward way to refer to her control over me. So for now, I should probably put my fears to rest.

I hope you are having the same luck that I am having.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Public or Private?

How public is your relationship? For us, there are subtle clues if one was to look closely. That was until Saturday. We had taken a break from yard work to make lunch for the kids when an acquaintance stopped by unannounced. My wife was at the sink and our guest and I were sitting at the table when she casually asked what we were doing for the rest of the day. My wife replied that we had a sitter coming over and we might catch a movie. When asked which movie, my wife said quite frankly, “Whatever I choose.” There was a pause (may have been my heart stoppingJ) and our friend laughed and the conversation went elsewhere.

Later my wife asked what I thought of her comment and how flip she could be with someone we don’t normally see. This led to a conversation about what she would say to close friends that will eventually notice a “To do” list posted in our bedroom. While there is nothing sexual on it, it’s clear whose handwriting it is. Ironing, daily back rubs and a note to keep an eye on the list for changes makes it pretty obvious that the list is by her for me. We will see what happens.

So how many people, if any, know about your lifestyle?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A fine start

She finally read the book, Aroundherfinger but didn't find any suprises. She's always understood that its about using my sex drive, etc. She also agrees that maintaing a level of sexuality is tough for her because she just isn't wired that way.

I try to tell her that teasing me doesn't need to be an everyday thing. Here is an example of what happened to this past week. I hope it opens up a more realistic dialog bewteen you and your spouse.

I took a short trip and returned on Wednesday morning. As we were sitting on the front steps, she asked me if I'm ready to "get back in the game." Caught off guard, I say what game? She then says, "bring me my coffee. When we are finished, you have to come grocery shopping with me." Now I know it doesn't sound like much but I was really appreciated the fact that she was thinking of our new roles. (And I NEVER grocery shop:) While shopping she told me what to get, pick this/that up, go get. etc. And I'm sure some women over-heard us. She even asked me what my reply was going to be to the cashier when asked if we wanted pull-up service. I told the cashier that she (my wife) brought me along to take care of that. But for me, the best part was that she thought of it.

The next morning I playfully got dressed only in an apron and served her coffee. I was hoping to orgasm since it has been over a week. She acknowledged the length of time but was rushing to work and felt bad and that there had to be some give and take in this type of relationship. I told her that yesterday (supermarket trip) was fantastic and that's all that is needed. I kinda wish I didn't push the issue with an apron. Live and learn.

Anyway, that's all for now. Things are going along nicely and we are both realizing that the sexual aspect of a wife led relationship is not 24/7. Please feel free to leave comments. I learn alot from other people's perspective.