Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas at the Gym

As a present to my wife and to us, we agreed to hit the gym and hire a personal trainer for the two of us. We are going twice per week. We thought it would be a good way to jump start getting back in shape. And its been great.

After our workout, we were making small talk. Well actually, the trainer, Susan and my wife were. I grabbed by wife's sneakers (we were in socks on the mat), sweat towel and water bottle for her. Susan was asking my wife what she does for a living, that type of thing. Some how the following conversation occurred:

Susan (the trainer): "So Amy (my wife) , are you the type that has a bumper sticker that reads, ""Move over princess, here comes the Queen?""
My wife: "I ought to. I have a mug that says,um...,"
Me: "It's good to be the Queen."
Husband: "Mine just says, "Yes Dear."
My Wife: "And WE know who bought them...." (with the inflection in her voice that it was obvious she did.)
Susan (the trainer): "Yes we do."

Ok, I"ll admit, I'm over sexed and think way too much about our wife led marriage but.....Damn that's kinda hot and just typing about it stirs my loins.

I sent this to my wife and she replied, "I thought it was interesting that she so quickly came to the realization that I am the Queen!"


Friday, December 14, 2007

This Morning

My wife woke me up and said she was ready. No not that.....for me to serve her coffee. She added that she wanted it in the bedroom for a "Christmas Meeting." aka what else do we need to still get the kids.

When I arrived with the coffee I started to get back into bed but she said, "No" and pointed to the floor at her bedside. We then had a normal discussion about xmas.

When we were done she told me that for I should have dressed more Christmassy for our meeting (I was just wearing pjs and a tee shirt.)

And later she gave me a smack on the ass with her hair brush because I didn't put it away in the right place.

I just love those little things. Not because I like to sit on the floor or get smacked (Ok, I like that:) but it was the fact that she thought and acted in a more wife-led mode.

I hope you all have a good weekend.

Monday, December 10, 2007



Weird? I thanked my wife for placing her foot on the kitchen counter with the expectation that I remove her boot. You see, I had been away all weekend with a child at this child's event (sorry to be so secretive but where we were were isn't important). And that child happened to become sick with a stomach flu. Yuck. The ease in which she started back up with or shall I say, never left, the wife-led mode was encouraging. She bossed me around alot last night and again this morning. I even called Lands End with questions about a coat I am buying for her while she sat next to me. I wonder what the sales lady thought as I went back and forth with quesitons from my wife only to finalize the order with, "My wife says I can buy that for her." The morning ended with me at the front door as she went off to work. She looked back at me, walked right through some snowy, mud mess and then said, "Looks like you'll have some boots to clean tonight."

About 10 minutes later she called and told me to change a dental appointment. I took this opportunity to thank her for her "wife-ledness". She said I was welcome but even after last night and this morning I was still in deficit. You see, from her perspective, even though I was stuck in a motel with a vomitting child, she had to do the laundry, clean the kitchen and make her own coffee. She is saying this partially in jest, with humor to be sure. However, the fact that she is thinking about the wife-led aspect of our marriage is very encouraging.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Great Weekend

At least once per year, my wife and I try to get awawy from the kids overnight. We just go downtown to a swanky hotel. Here is a recap of our wonderful time spent together.

Sat am: She loves to shop and I love to shop with her. We had a suprise heavy snow so the shops were empty. Just fun hanging together and of course I made sure she didn't carry anything!

Afternoon: We checked into our hotel and I unpacked and we changed into workout clothes and headed to the gym. She made me stay there longer than I wanted. And at one point she told me to get her some water which I did. It must have been obvious to the only other person there who was in charge. We headed back to the room so she could get ready for her massage. She gave me a number of "lists" she wanted completed while she was gone. She told me to sit on the floor, naked except a white apron and be able to report back to her when she was done. So there I sat figuring out such things as "Christmas dinner menu", "move or not move,' "summer vacation ideas," etc. As I walked her to the door she commented and grabbed my obvious erection. (Later she would tell me that she was thinking about my "woody" and if I was doing anything about it. I told her of course not, not without her!) I think she is really beginning to see how much my serving her excites me. When she returned she told me to gather my notes and we headed to the pool/hot tub with some wine. When we got there, she got into the tub and I was told to present my research. We had some food brought up and again had some quality time together. Oh did I mention she removed her top and then went swimming in a VERY see through white shirt? There was only one other person there, a guy near the steps and I dared her to go dry off at our table. I watched him watch her....and you could see ever single inch of her breasts and nipples. WOW.

We eventually went back to the room and showered. She teased me by making me watch her get dressed, put on lotion etc while only wearing a heels, thong and bra. Finally, we went to the hotel bar but not before sneaking into a large corporate holiday party for a little dancing.

The night ended with some wonderful intimacy!

The next moring continued with me serving her breakfast and of course packing up.

I think the best part was that we had some time to discuss our wife led marriage, it's ups and downs, etc. I think we both feel alot closer than we did and that's really what it is all about.