Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dr. Laura Part II

It seems from the blog and outside convesations that Dr. Laura was.....gasp.....right. That a woman doesn't need to be horny to "make love to" her husband.

I agree too. We all do things for the people we love that we don't want to do.

Here's a follow up question:

Guys could you truly enjoy the sexual relationship with your wife if she only did it for you and didn't get any sexual enjoyment herself? Not just once in while but almost all the time?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dr. Laura and your thoughts

Holy Shit Batman, I'm going to discuss something I heard on Dr. Laura. The very conservative talk show host that tells women they should do more to please their men.

Disclaimer: It was one of the few radio stations I could get and didn't know it was her right away.

I caught the very last part. From what I can tell, a woman called in with a a low libido and didn't want to have sex with her husband. Dr. Laura said if you don't, then he won't want to live in a desert and might turn to porn and hookers. I thought this was an exageration.

But this is what I found interesting: Dr. Laura said you don't need to be horny to make love (she stressed make love) to your husband. It was about connection and loving, not just making you feel good (aka orgasms?)

Wow, did I want in on that coversation. I hate agreeing with her, but she is right to a degree. We all put too much connection on the sex and not enough on the love making....or the making of love.

Thoguhts anyone?

Friday, April 16, 2010

I Wish, I Wish

I wish there was something to report. Nothing. Then again, nothing bad either. Well, nothing overly negative anyway.

After last weeks vacation, she hasn't been to playful. A comment here or there but nothing. I'm just trying not to pressure her. It's tough though. I fear that my not pressuring her will lead further down the road of nothing sexual due to her lack of libido.

I seem to be getting less angry and frustrated. I don't know if it is because I'm maturing or what. Whatever the reason, I'm happier even though I don't get any more sex. I also fear if she perceives this as a lack of desire for her?

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Weekend Getaway Recap

Finally, after 10 yeas we got to spend more than one night away from the kids.

Scottsdale was warm and sunny for all four days. Perfect!

We arrived early and our room wasn't ready so we worked out then changed into our bathing suits and enjoyed the pool and sun. It's difficult to describe but there weren't any very obvious moments of wifeledness. There were a few, "You can get me this" or "You'll do that when I say" and I'm sure that some overheard parts but nothing outward. I did kneel when presenting her coffee. Loving that neither of us gave a damn what others thought.

That night got a bit wild. Dinner and drinks out then this hotel had a wonderful patio area with fire pits. We drank alot there, so much so that her bra and panties made it into my pocket without her going to the ladies room. Who know who saw what? Afterwards we went to the hottub where we got in, notice one other very young couple who were kissing. She then took off her top, and climbed on top of me and started fuckin me. HOLY SHIT, right infront of the other couple. And she didn't stop bobbing up and down when the left. After I came, she got up, still topless and went to the other pool. It wasn't long before we heard others and eventually they walked by her. She got up and brought me back to our room where, over looking the valet, STOOD on a chair and placed herself in my mouth. After alot of that, back to the bed and screwed again.

What a first night.

The second day we hiked Squaw Peak in sneakers. Huge mistake. Jagged rocks all over and was glad to survive without a broken ankle. Great meals out and then to bed whiile watching a funny pay per view.

Third day I got to play golf. I love resort courses. They are exspensive but I like the way they suck up to you. Afterwards I met her at the pool where I was sent for coffee (with standard bent knee presentation), and 5 trips back to the room to fetch her drinks. This didn't go unnoticed by the people next to us. Fun application of lotion was a daily highlight. Well that and her making me go back to the concierege and cancel wine tasting by saying, "My wife told me to come back here and tell you to cancel our wine tasting because I have to take her shopping."

That night, dinner out, drinks and back to the room where I chose an adult movie, "Screw my wife." Absolutely terrible quality but was naked and applying lotion to her feet and legs while telling her that every wife should be able to screw anyone she wants. Quite extreme for us and she'll never do it but fun to fantasize. Night ended with me on my knees and releasing onto her feet.

The next morning we went together to a local Dunkin Donuts where I presented her coffee to her on bended knee. Fun.

All in all a great weekend. She did tell me again that it's tough for her because her low libido limits her thinking sexually and there for how often and when to tease me. She'd like more input from me but that's tough because then I feel that I am "topping from the bottom" and if it is always driven by me then it's not very sexaully stimulating for me.

Got to go, she just paged me.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Away We Go

Finally, after 10 years we will be going away for more than just one night, by ourselves.

I"ve been working overtime at home with getting the house ready to leave, getting the kids set up, laundry. There's always more to do than you think, such as printing out directions, car rental, mall location and directions for her shopping, restaurant ideas and even the closest Dunkin Donuts for her previously demanded poolside coffee service.

She told me this morning that I will be exercising alot and most of our calories will come from wine and poolside alchohol. Fine with me! The more relaxed she is....

I'll update you all next week. Untill then, I will happily pat myself on the back as we are celebrating 20 years of marriage!