Thursday, October 25, 2007


It happened. We were in the kitchen doing pre-dinner stuff and my son needed help getting his football jersey off over his shoulder pads. All of a sudden I hear a pretty loud snapping of fingers (no not breaking:) and I look up and there is my wife, pointing at my son. As his head was inside his pads, aka the headless football player, he didn't see anything. I then helped him out of his pads.

Later, I said to her, "You snapped at me?" She replied, "Yes, I didn't want Steven (our headless player) to hear me boss you around." And like you would be, I was instantly turned on because she was exhibiting control.

Last night....Snap and a point to the light on her bedside table and that is all it took have me get out of bed, walk around the room and turn off her light that she could easily reach while lying in bed.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This is Great

During my wife's trip she had me wear a pair of VS pj bottoms with hearts on them. A reminder each night that she wasn't next to me. It was done in a playful manner but I complied, no big deal.

Upon her return I, of course, did her laundry. When she was putting everything away she found what I had been wearing. They were clean and in her pile. Suprisingly, she had me wear them the night she came home. As many of you will attest, at least the men reading this blog, it is the fact that she is participating in and thinking about our sex life. The VS pj's are just the vehicle to some degree.

I washed them yesterday, monday, and left them in her pile. When I went to bed last night they were under my pillow! She was a bit drowsy when I asked her if I was to wear them now or some other night. She mumbled something and off to sleep she went.

Here is the email I sent her:

"I was making the bed this morning and found what I didn't wear last night. Just thought I'd let you know that I was not being defiant, I was confused as if I was to wear them or not."

Her reply:
I was tired, so you got away with it! However, be careful. If you are confused and do not ask questions to clarify, then the mistake and FAULT are all yours!

Holy shit, does she know how to press my buttons. I actually get a little buzzed when she is dominant and demanding. I'm not sure if I need a cigarette, a nap or both...LOL

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Because She Said So

My wife had told me to post something. On Friday, my wife asked me if I was still blogging and about what. I told her yes, and that I had blogged about carrying her small panty bag from VS in public, etc.

Wife, "What color were the panties?"
Me, "Brown."
Wife, "No."
Me, "Beige?"
Wife, "No, they were Miami Tan. How come you didn't know that. You paid for them."
Me, "Ummm, errr, didn't know I had to know the color."
Wife, "Blog about it. Tell everyone you didn't know the color of the panties you bought your wife."

And there you have it. I have now fullfilled her demand to post that I didn't know the color of the panties I bought her. You bet I will next time.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Man's Song

My wife called me into the bathroom this morning to listen to a song on the Bob and Tom radio show. Here are the lyrics. Enjoy:

Ladies and Gentle man the man song!

I don't take no crap from anyone else but you,
I wear the pants around here when im finished with your laundry,
Cause I'm a guy you don't wanna fight,When I say jump you say, "Yeah Right!"
I'm the man of this house until you get home.

(He's the man, He's the man)

What I say goes around here right out the window,
And I don't want to hear alot of whining so I'll shut up,
The sooner you learn whos boss around here The sooner you can give me my orders dear,

Cause I'm head huncho around here but its all in my heeeeaaaadddd!!

(He's the man, He's the man)

And I can have sex any time that you want,
Cause I'm a man who has needs but they're not that important,
And don't expect any flowers from me cause if im not mistaken you perfer jewlery,
I'm the king of my castle when your not around,

(He's the man, He's the man)

And I'll drink and watch sports whenever I want to get in trouble,
And I'll come home when I'm good and ready, to sleep on the couch,
Cause a MAN's gotta do what a MAN's gotta do,and I'm gonna do what you tell me to,
Because I'm top dog around here but I've been nutered!!

(He's the man, He's the man)You da man!(Clapping)

Monday, October 01, 2007

Free Panties

Just a very quick story. My wife received a free panty coupon in the mail from Victoria's Secret. Yesterday we went shopping and picked one up. Simple brown cotton thong. No big deal. She hands it to me with the coupon and tells me she'll be accross the street trying on shoes. So I bo and buy it. Again no biggie.

We had some other bags so when we were walking I started to put the small, pink, VS, striped bag into a larger one to make it easier to carry. She looked at me and asked me if I was embarassed to carry her panties around. I replied, "No. I hold the bag seperate so everyone can see how pussywhipped I am. Thank you for reminding me."

Very erotic. Very stimulating. And very easy for a wife to do to her husband.