Sunday, July 29, 2007

Serving the Coffee

I had a great time last night. My wife and I went to a party with some of her coworkers and she told me I had to dance with her. I'm not sure which is better, faster music and I get to watch her move (spectacular hips) or slow dancing pressed against her!

We also had some time to sit and talk. She asked me why I don't always make/serve her coffee. I told her sometimes I just forget but honestly there is some passive agressive behavior going on mostly because it (coffee service) doesn't matter. I don't get more or less sexual interaction if I serve or not so sometimes I get frustrated at serving all the time. What's the point?

After putting the kids to bed she made it quite clear. She had me kneeling on the bed and then played with me for quite some time, reminding me who the boss is, that coffee service is not optional and that I should blog about my shortcomings. She then had me sleep in the sticky mess.

I"ve served her coffee and brought her the Sunday paper and am typing next to her, anonymously informing the world that I plan to serve coffee daily, no exceptions. That is the point-coffee service does matter.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Weekend Getaway

A quick over night at a local hotel with lots of together time was a big help. She wasn't overly dominant which is fine. Just going with the flow. We did get to do some shopping and I do get a bit of rush when I'm carrying alot of bags and she gets to the door of a store first and just steps to the side and waits for me to open it. Those little public things really get me going. Not so much because it is in public but that she is acknowledging her "position."

And for all you pervs out there........LOL......yes we had sex and it was good.

I'm hoping that she'll be more consistent with her demands and sexual teasing.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Some time off....I think

My wife has a very low sex drive. It has always been my hope that by giving her control, she'd feel less pressure to have intercourse, but still be able to tease me etc thereby providing our marriage with some type of sexuality.

I mentioned our "anniversary" a few times but nothing happened nor had anything sexual happened before or after for quite some time.

I"m going to chill out for a while and sit back and see what will happen. Sort of give in to the moment.

I'll try and keep everyone up to date.