Friday, December 29, 2006

When Others Notice

We had some friends over on Christmas. Great fun was had by all. I did most of the kitchen work and because our kitchen and living room are one it was very noticeable. No big deal really, someone has to do it.

After dinner, the adults were chatting at the table, I was listening and doing what I could to prepare the dishes for the next dishwasher load and one of the wives said, "(me) really worships the ground you walk on." and "I wish John (her husband) would do that for me."

My wife said how lucky she was and the conversation moved on. But then my wife looked up at me with a coy smile.

I really don't care who knows what anymore. If a wife said that her husband was the boss because it said so in the Bible, no one would dare question her or her motives. I do it because she likes it, I like it and it brings us closer together. To be sure we are still working out the nuances of a wife-led marriage but there is no doubt that it has helped our marriage.

Now for the fun fantasy part. My wife is going away with a girlfriend (that lives 1/2 way accross the country) in two weeks to a spa. I'm sure there will be alot of wine flowing. I wonder (hope?) that our marriage style is revealed.

Sharing the good news

For some unknown reason, though probably related to a feeling of insecurity, I sent my wife a very bold, direct email. Normally, I'd talk to her face to face but with alot of kids running around there never seems to be a good time.

My email to her:
I'm probably reading into this too much but when we've discussed our relationship you seem to say things like, "I like to be worshipped," or "fortunate" etc. But do YOU LIKE this type of relationship? Not just if I"m happy or if we are closer. I guess I'm looking for "Yes, I like this style of marriage, I'm glad we are doing it and I want it to continue."

Her reply:
"Yes, I like this style of marriage, I'm glad we are doing it and I want it to continue! I will proudly wear my new panties!" (The panties are the one from

It's been six months since I gave her the book from AroundHerFinger and I've brought up this style of relationship with her. She never really gave me a straight answer before probably due in part because I didn't want to push her to far to fast and I was scared she say no.

Anyway, I thought I'd post this huge bit of information. I'm both excited and nervous.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Naughty and Nice

The past couple of mornings my wife has been playful. One morning she threw an apron at me and told her to serve her coffee. On two seperate occasions, as I was lying on my side away from her she gently put her foot/toe between my legs, tickling my balls and "fucking" my butt crack (no anal penetration). What a way to wake up.

Later she commented that the naughtier she got, the nicer I became. A collective "no shit" from all the guys reading this. For me it's about getting attention.

Anyway, Happy Holidays to all. And I hope the women out there become naughty!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What's on the Holiday Shopping List?

My wife just had some elective surgery so she doesn't want much this year. Her big gift is a short 2 night getaway with a close friend she never gets to see. I've been trying to set it up for years with her friend's huband. But tickets are bought so there is no turning back. I"m sure they'll have a blast. No, nothing sexual will occur (except in my mind:)

The one fun thing I bought was a thong from Just plain white with their logo on the front. It will start on her but I"ve no doubt she'll make me wear it too. Sometimes the simple fun gifts are the best.

So, what are you getting your partner this year?
What do you hope to get?

Monday, December 11, 2006

Came Clean

Pun intended.

Saturday was progressing nicely. She was playful and in turn I was hopeful about an evening that would lead to her granting me permission to orgasm.

As the kids were getting ready for bed, I mentioned that I masturbated on Monday. She asked why I didn't ask for permission or tell her earlier. I hemmed and hawed, something about how sexy she looked got me going.

Per her instruction, a pedicure was already planned for the evening. Actually, it's more just calous removal and peppermint footrub. She had me put a DVD in and while she sat in her chair, feet dangling over the arm. I was to attend to her, my back to the TV, pants around my ankles.

After reducing her callouses, I applied the peppermint lotion. She then had me move forward and gave me a fantastic "foot job." As I got hard, I started to buck my hips and asked her if I could cum and lick it up as punishment. She looked me right in the eyes and told me there would be no orgasm for me. I expected her to stop, but she didn't. The insides of her feet, cupped around my shaft, moving up and down, up and down.

Finally, she did stop and we went to bed but not before she had me put on the thong she was wearing. She grabbed the back of it, yanked hard, forcing the thong up the crack of my ass and told me to go to sleep. The warmth of the peppermint lotion, still on my very erect penis, kept me awake for sometime.

The next moring I was startled as she reached over, grabbed the back of the thong again and YANKED. Punishment over she said.

Wow.....who needs drugs!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Are there more of us?

This past week, my wife and I were out with another couple shopping for Christmas. At the end of our shopping, my wife was talking to them and I gathered up our bags. I can't remember the last time she carried a bag:)

She looks at me and smiles and says with a joking tone, "Oh, you've got the bags, good job bag boy." I replied something silly, like, "yup that's me. We are ready to go." The wife of the other couple looked at her husband and said, "Hey, you're a bag boy too. Go get them."

Now granted, it was all said in jest but he has told me about checking in with "the boss" about golfing with me, etc. I wonder and also hope that they maintain a wife-led marriage. I think it would help my wife.

I wonder how many marriages are wife-led but not acknowledged as such?

Friday, December 01, 2006

It Doesn't Take Much

I don't know how many women read my sporadic blog. And I'm guessing that the majority of them are already "into" some version of a female led relationship. But I'm hoping that my writing about what happened yesterday will shed further light on what I think most men want, at least in part. And for men, some comraderie and something to print out and leave on your wive's pillow at night to start a conversation.

It doesn't take much.

Men are fixers. Something is broken, we try to fix it. We like to serve and help out. Be part of a team. Yesterday morning I did my normal routine, get up after my wife showers, bring her coffee and watch the news with her. She asked me to find a sweater in a small avalanche in the closet and if I did, the matching pink shirt needed ironing. Away I went. No hard core, "yo slave boy, ......" Just simple, "Can you find this sweater and iron the pink shirt, thanks." Once found, I warmed up the iron and began. She entered and started to blow dry her hair. For fun, I just dropped my pajama bottoms and kept ironing. I think it's fun and appropriate that a man be partially nude while ironing his wife's clothes.

Done. I left and she got dressed. Right before she left for work, she gave me the standard kiss goodbye and very sneaky (kids) little grope and "thank you."

Later in the morning I sent her an email letting her know where I was on the X-mas shopping list, house chores etc. Sounds submissive I know, but really not. It was informative so we could plan out the evening and weekend better. Her reply, "You go boy!"

Already on cloud nine from the grope, I felt wonderful. Happy that she was playful and acknowledging what I was doing.

Ladies: It doesn't take much!