Monday, October 30, 2006

Still here

The other night, around 1 am we both just happened to wake up. Groggy, she told me get her some lemondade. This required making it first.

I thanked her the next morning for making me get up and serve her and that I found it a turn on. I added that I hoped she'd demand more and in doing so, a quick stoke, tweek of the nipple or playful pat on the ass would be perfect. No orgasm, just a little tease.

She replied that "it" was difficult for her. I asked later if she found be demanding difficult and she thought that it was sometimes disrespectful. I told her not to worry.

Truth is, I don't think she really enjoys sex or touching/kissing etc. She NEVER touches first, NEVER reaches out to hold my hand much less other parts of my anatomy. We don't kiss much, even when having sex. She used to like recieving longer.

She just doesn't need the physical intimacy on any regular basis. It seems a stress thing. Vacation sex can be often, varied and wonderful. And non-vacation sex can be pretty adventurous after a few drinks.

I guess I just have to live with it as I know I couldn't look my children in the eyes and tell them I was getting divorced because Mom wouldn't put out.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Boss's Day

Did all you submissive men and dominant women know it's Boss's Day? While running errands this morning I happened to stop in a kinky card shop. Just thought I'd pick up a funny card for my wife. fortunately, there were gifts and cards for your boss laid out so I picked up a little something. No sooner had I gotten in the car, my cell phone ran and she asked me if I knew what day it was. "YES" I replied, "it's Boss's Day. And yes, I did pick you up a little something already." (Whew:)

So gents, it's late, get moving. Ladies, will you give him a ring or just punish him if he forgets?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Public Undressing

OK you pervs....not what you think. I didn't spend any time in jail. What actually occurred was safer and a whole lot more stimulating.

Left the kids for a little while yesterday and went shopping with the wife. She need some mascara that she could only buy at Macys. Of course we made a run through all the departments.

When walking through ladies clothing I noticed a pretty cool looking white blouse. Textured, somewhat low cut, sexy yet sophisticated enough for her to wear to work.

There weren't many women around and she was about 15-20 feet away when I said, "Hey Babe, look at this white blouse. It would look good on you, etc."

Her reply, "I wouldn't need another white blouse if you'd keep up with the ironing."

"Sorry, I'll try and stay on top of that better."

Well, least 4 women looked our way. I'd like to report that some smiled, one said use a paddle, etc. Truth is, I was so shocked and focused on her that I only noticed that they looked at us. Aroused and humiliated.

Talk about a public undressing.

Friday, October 13, 2006

We need to talk.

Yesterday, my wife and I were speaking on the phone about chores I was expected to do for her over the next few days. I asked her about the boots she had previously mentioned needed polishing. She said no rush. And then something along the line of "I wouldn't expect you to get enjoyment out of polishing them." EXCUSE ME?:) So I asked if she remembered me on my knees, naked, polishing her boots while she finished up some work related reading.

The conversation went elsewhere and time didn't allow me to discuss the pleasure I get out of taking care of her and completing her orders.

We will discuss it this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Moring Coffee

Ah the fall. Great colors, great weather and.....tons of activities for our children. A hectic life is not condusive to playing around, vanilla or otherwise. I'm not really complaining, just letting you know why I haven't posted in a while. There isn't much to post.

I forgot, yesterday morning to set up the coffee pot the night before. I haven't forgotten this in quite some time and the truth is I didn't forget. I was dog tired, one of my kids was having some friends over so I had to stay up until they went to sleep. Basically I just said screw it.

The next day my wife commented on not having her morning coffee ready. Asked if I was rebelling which is another word for tiring of a fem-dom/wife led relationship. I told her definately not, and I had forgotten. I lied. Later I asked her why she hadn't gone into our bedroom, thrown back the sheets, smacked my ass a few times and made me get up and make the coffee. She replied that she knew I was tired from staying up so late.

A big part of me wishes she woke me up. A bigger parts wishes she wanted to wake me up and was more demanding. I made coffee this morning. "Topping" from the "bottom" doesn't work!

I come clean later about the coffee. I doubt there will be any repurcusions. If there are, I'll let you all know.

Take care!