Friday, September 11, 2009

Quick Update

A number of blogs have recently posted about the complexities of life and it's impact on their wife led marriage. That the wife led aspect ebbs and flows depending upon the demands of work, kids, etc.

I suggest that even with the reduction of "wifeledness" one should compare their current situation to whatever their relationship was like before they embarked upon the never ending journy of a wife led marriage. I think many will notice small things that are just happening now, that are part of the daily frabic of their lives. In the beginning, these small gestures would have resulted in a blog posting detailing how sexy it was, a huge turn on and that they are happy their wife is becoming more accustomed to being the boss, etc. Now it is the new "normal."

Case in point:
I joined my wife today for lunch. She's hugely busy and it doesn't happen often. I grabbed her plate of salad as we proceeded to check out. After I paid, we walked out side where I commented on how dirty the table was and then tried to wipe if clean. She said I was "doting" and asked if I was trying to show others how attentive I was and thereby creating a wife-led moment. I told her no, I wasn't trying anything and that I no longer care who knows what and that we've gone well beyond. She said, "Good, then get up and go over to the other table and get me some pepper." I did, put it on her salad and that was that. And while it was a bit of a turn on, it would have been a huge turn on 2 years ago. Hell, I might have shot my load there and then. But it is now the new "normal."

Perhaps, when we men complain that our wives are "into it" enough we should compare now to a ways back. I think many will have to admit that their wives have come a long way.