Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Still Here

Not much going from the WLM front. Anything sexual has been very, very slow. All last week our middle child was getting up early with us for lacrosse practice. And the morning time is when we do sexual things so.....nada.

As others have written, school starts soon and I hope we get back into a routine.

Monday, August 09, 2010

You Say Tomato, I say Tomato

Sometimes it's just in how you look at things. And this was never more completely illustrated than this past Saturday morning.

We had plans for our family to join friends at a lake. We needed to have our picnic packed, towels and suits in a gym bag and beach chairs in the van by 9:15 am.

As I groggily staggered into the kitchen desperate for morning coffee, my wife was in her workout attire and heading out the door. She told me she was going for a walk/run and then would come home and shower.

I knew right then that she didn't have enough time to exercise and help pack for our lake trip.

Off she went. And I happily made lunches for our family, doing everything needed for a fun trip.

Eventually she got back and realized her shower would have to be quick if we were to be ontime.

That night we were discussing WLM stuff and I told her that I was quite happy that she had time for exercise because I did all the other stuff. To me this was a fun mini wife led "moment" except that she didn't say, "Will you please do everything, I am going to exercies."

Last week she told me that her cafeteria was closed this week and to expect that I'll need to bring her lunch on short notice. God I hope so!