Sunday, September 24, 2006

Boot Shopping Update

As promised, here is the follow-up conclusion to our date night and boot shopping.

We went down to the local mall. She was wearing a button down black dress, tights, boots to be replaced and I found out...a black lacy slip. None of my submission or her dominance was overt. The sales girl would bring out the boots and I would get on my knees in front of her and put them on her feet, switching back and forth between sizes and styles. When we changed stores, I'd help her put her old boots back on. Lots of fun wondering what others thought!

The real fun actually occurred at a local restaurant. After quite a few drinks, she removed her the table, and eventually undid enough buttons that I could see her belly button ring. On numerous occasions, the waiter got quite a view.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Boot polishing and Boot shopping

For the next two days it's all about the boots. Due to a computer problem at work, my wife decided to stay home until 9am, 45 minutes after the kids leave. As they were leaving she waved at the kitchen and told me she saved the clean up for me. Then she pulled her foot off the floor and asked me if, "I was proud that she was going to work with these boots?" There was dust and some old scuff marks on them from being in the "summer" closet. Ouch. How was I to know what she was going to wear this morning? She then went and sat down on her chair and started to read some important work documents. I proceeded to get out the polish and rags. When I approached her, she said she didn't have time to "play." I told her no pressure or time needed the only thing she HAD to do was tell me to polish her shoes. She told me and I happily stripped naked and polished her boots. When done she got up, I put my pants back on and she left for work. No masturbation, no direct stimulation but plenty of submission. Sometimes the simplest of things......

I capitalized HAD because if I just dropped down and started polishing I wouldn't have had nearly the experience. Yes, even in a wife-led relationhsip, sometimes you have to give a little direction as to what you want and need.

Now about the boot shopping.....a little teaser for the few readers of this blog. We have a date night set up and she's already told me that we are boot shopping. Last time this occurred I spent alot of time on my knees helping her try on shoes, fetching different sizes and the having her walk out while I paid for them. The most sexual aspect of it all was when she tried on some amazing stappy high healed pumps and casually rubbed her foot in my crotch. I wonder how many women noticed my submission and the ensuing erection I was unable to hide.

Here's to hoping for a repeat performance tomorrow night! I'll let you all know!

Monday, September 18, 2006


24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week of which about 64 are sleeping. That leaves just over 100 hours of awake time. I wonder how many of them, during an average week, are vanilla versus, shall we say "other." And how do we define "other." Certainly a 3 hour date night on a Saturday would count. But what if my wife adds changine the sheets on the bed to the "honey-do" list? Do I calculate the time it took her to put it on the board or do I include the time changing the sheets? And does the time calculation change if she tells me to do it nude?

Why all the math? For me and hopefully any readers, it's a reminder that our vanilla lives far out weight the other. And leads into what happened (and is happening) to me this past week.

My wife travelled last week and besides a few things to do, the week was very vanilla. And that's OK. However, it's been 8 days since my last orgasm and that's a little long for me. Usually, there is a mid-week "release" (my masturbating for her) and then a longer weekend date that frequently ends in sex.

So last night I mention the time since I was last allowed to orgasm. And then I started thinking. She's getting her ass kicked at work, our children want to see her and I'm practically humping her leg.

Here is the email I sent her this morning:

So I was thinking about my request to orgasm. I'm aware that you have been thinking about us. You mentioned it in a conversation about when returning from a trip, everyone wants a piece, numerous additions to my "to-do list" and a request for a date night this week. So let me start by saying thanks for thinking of us. With respect to an orgasm.....that's up to you. If you want to wait until this weekend then I'll wait. I would appreicate the opportunity to brush your hair, backrub, foot massage, etc.

We'll see where this leads. Patience, patience, patience.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wife led....low fat

I sent this email to my wife who is on a business trip. We send quite a few emails back and forth and I eagerly await each one. Can't wait until she gets home. She'll be tired and I'll need to be careful not to be too pushy. Throwing my clothes off and kissing her feet at the baggage courosel may be a bit over the top:)!!

This is the quote I picked up from (I believe) Candace's blog and I sent it to my wife. Here is the quote. Her reply follows. (I also included the cartoon of the man doing the dishes while the wife sits on her chair reading the newspaper. I couldn't figure out how to post it here.)

Thought you'd enjoy this...

"What I find curious is that in most domestic relationships, the woman already leads. She may not confess to it, but when it comes to the operations of a household and a relationship, her will is usually what dictates decisions and outcomes. It seems to be only in the realm of extending her authority to the bedroom (or the kitchen table for the more spontaneous and adventurous) that women hesitate."

My wife's reply:

The problem with the cartoon is that her chair is upholstered in polka dot fabric, should be carefully moisturized leather, and he is wearing a shirt and tie, it should be an apron!

I know for many of you this isn't much. But for my wife it's great and certainly got me going (but knowing I better not orgasm until she is here and gives me permission.) I'm always fascinated by the many different levels (and sometimes jealous) of FLRs.

I hope all is well with your female led relationship....whatever the level.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

A little nervous....

I'm a little nervous. My brother and wife are coming into town and I wondering how it will affect our lifestyle. I'm pretty sure my wife will limit the amount of expectations for fear of embarassment to all. Unless it's overtly obvious, I could care less. A large part of me wishes she was more "into it" and didn't care who knew. (see below.) This should be interesting. And do to his visit, I won't be posting for about a week.

And on a more perverted note: I masturbated for my wife over the weekend. She was on the bed clothed, I was kneeling naked. I asked where I should cum and she asked me where did I want to. I replied into her bra and then lick it out. She asked me if that is what I really wanted and I hemmed and hawwed. It's not so much that I want to taste my ejaculate but that I want her to be more active and demand that I do. We discussed this a bit without resolve. I'm wondering what will happen in the future.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Checking In

Hi everyone:
Just a quick note. Not much going on here. A little wife-led relationship and alot of vanilla life. Oh well.

I did have a carpet cleaner come today. She asked me if he saw the to-do list and wondered what he thought. As there isn't much on there besides a to-do list I don't think he "thought" much of it. Of course, I wished there was something more titilating....maybe next time.

Be good!