Friday, May 29, 2009

Rest Up

Was doing some errands today when I recieved a text from my wife. "You may want to nap today. Plan on being very busy. Rest up."

I doubt I'm the only one whose loins stir when they get a message like this. While I'll try not to get my hopes up too high, just the fact that she thought to send a text like this means alot.

Got to go. Alot to do with guest coming over for a backyard fire and drinks tomorrow night.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Suprise.....or Not

I returned tuesday around noon from a great long weekend away with some old friends. I hadn't done that in about 3 years and I had a blast. My wife gets alot of credit for holding down the fort while I was gone.

Of course there was frequent texting. I often told her how I missed serving her coffee and looked forward to it. Serving her coffee is probably our main "ritual" that is a wife-led constant.

So nothing happened last night. Not suprising given that she tired from work and I was exhausted from traveling all day then getting home and vaccuuming, mowing the lawn and preparing dinner.

This morning I served her coffee, as usual, in my boxers that say wifeworshipper on them. While she was in the dressing area I asked her if she needed me. She said no. What the fuck? Nothing. So I stewed for a bit then asked her if it was OK that I got aroused. She said yes and watched me masturbate. While doing so I told her it had been a while. She asked, in a suprising tone, "Did you arouse yourself while away?" "Did you "release" (orgasm)? I said of course not to both. She then said, and it's hard to explain, suprised, so the last time you came was a week ago saturday (about 10 days). I said yes, I don't do this without your permission.

I guess what I am driving at here is her apparent lack of understanding that I don't do anything sexual without her permission. But we have discussed this before. Her active control of my orgasms and our wife led aspect of our marriage is what our sex life is. If our sex life is to be defined by just fucking, shit, that would be terrible.....about once per month.....maybe.

Trust me, we WILL be discussing her reaction and morning questions later.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Appropriate Hint or Topping from the Bottom?

As many of you know, my wife struggles with "thinking sexually" due to her low libido. This morning I was going to the mall to return a pair of shoes of hers that don't fit and she handed me a Victoria's Secret free panty card. No big deal really. I told her that I'd enjoy going in there solo and getting a panty for her. That I would most likely be aroused. But alas, she decided the shoes do fit. I told her that because expecting guests, that I probably wouldn't go to the mall just for the panty. She agreed.

A bit later, she texted me and told me to go anway because she said so. Later she said I was to "think of her" our wording for me to arouse myself. I've picked up the panty and yes I was a bit aroused. And more so because I can't wait to tell her.

There is a pretty significant chance that she made me go anyway because of how aroused I told her I would be and how much enjoyment I would get.

So: Was this hinting on my part or topping from the bottom? Are hints OK? Do you hint?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Out of Town

I'm heading out of town for a week and will be unable to blog. Didn't want anyone thinking I'd stopped.

This past weekend was fun. We had a little at home date in our back yard with a fire. I was allowed to orgasm and made to sleep on the floor. I like it. I'm next to her, like a guard dog. She gets the whole huge king bed. It's somewhat uncomfortable and I like that too. When I wake up in the middle of the night and the "sexual buzz" has worn off, it reminds me of our relationship.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Tasty Frustrating Treat

Simply put, my wife isn't pysically affectionate. Not alot to touching, sexual or otherwise. Doesn't reach out to touch hold my hand and besides coming and going from the house, doesn't kiss me either. It's not the way she is. (BTW, I don't worry about affairs). It's an ongoing issue for me. I struggle with it, alot. And I mean ALOT. But that is another issue.

And this week hasn't been any different. We had a nice date on Saturday night and had sex too. And since the word sex lacks detail, we had intercourse. Yeah! But since then, nothing. Not true, a little bossy and I do appreciate her efforts. But no arousal, teasing, touching, etc. I'm getting frustrated in a bad way. I shouldn't have to ask for it. I feel like I'm begging for basices (ohhhh, good title for a future post.)

So in my frustrated mood she walks out of the bathroom/changing room in my favorite dress. It's about an inch or two shorter than most. Nice heels too. WOW. Then she hikes up her skirt just a bit to kneel down to wrap some birthday presents and I catch a glimpse of her slip. It's the lacy black and purple one she recently purchased. So now I'm frustrated in both good and bad ways. And no, I don't think she did it on purpose because if she did, she would have let me know.

Here it is.

Now you know my why I am going crazy this morning.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Gay, Straight or Wife-Led?

My wife came home with big news yesterday. A friend of hers at work, divorced last year, has declared her true sexual identity. She's gay. Apparently, she had a relationship with a girl in high school, renounced her homosexuality due to severe church pressure, married a guy and had two kids. I applaud her strength but worry about her. Alot of her life and family is tied to her church.

Anyway, I got to thinking about her coming out of the closet. Besides some members of her church caring, no one else will. No one will snicker about her sex life and that she too likes to eat pussy.

But what would happen if my wife and I came out of the proverbial closet? Can you imagine? Neighbors wispering, "Did you know that she's the boss. They both admit it. And she controls the sex, even if and when he's allowed to you" "He must be a wimp." "She must be a domineering bitch." etc., etc.

While I truly don't care anymore about who knows what and who thinks what, I find it interesting how society has changed. I do believe that with more women making more money than men, more men staying home, that more marriages will become wife led.

Monday, May 04, 2009

A Question

For most guys, they lose some of their submissive intensity after an orgasm.

Does your wife lose some of her dominant tendencies after she has an orgasm?
Does your wife lose some of her dominant tendencies after you orgasm?

Normally, my wife loses quite a bit of her dominant tendencies after she allows me to orgasm. Fortunately, after saturday mornings release on the deck (in the rain again) she has been quite bossy. Thankfully.

What about you?

Friday, May 01, 2009

What the Hell

I don't usually go off topic. This blog is about sharing my journey in a wife led marriage and learning from others.

However, what the hell with the swine flu. The media goes nuts and my 11 y.o. came downstairs 2 nights ago crying that he thought he was going to die from the it.

Hey, world, CHILL OUT. And the US media has gone fucking crazy. Sure it's a bit serious, and yes, some people will die. But you have a better chance of dieing while driving to the pharmacy than you do from the swine flu.

And too bad the media doesn't give enough coverage and concern to the fact that 1 in 4 kids in the US are over weight. That's the PARENTS fault. If your 5 y.o. is fat then stop feeding him/her so much junk food. Obesity is a much larger (pun intended) problem than the swine flu. And lets throw in drug use and the lack of seatbelts too.

Sorry for the rant but we have to put things into perspective.