Thursday, November 23, 2006

Carving, mashing and the clean-up

On a fun note:

Gentlemen: Get your butts in the kitchen and take care of the clean-up.

Ladies: TELL your husband or better yet say to your guests, "Please, don't worry about the dishes, that's ..................... job." It will let everyone know who the boss is and if there is any ohhhing and ahhhing you can "cover-up" by saying that you did cooking.

I'm guessing that there are some who read this blog that may be in trouble this Thanksgiving; maybe unemployed, sick, away from their family, etc. To those, I hope you find some happiness today and my thoughts are with you.

Not being religous, Thanksgiving has alway meant alot for me. I seldom go a day without acknowledging how fortunate I am. We are a happy, safe and healthy. And in today's world, that is saying alot.

Take care!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Back to "Normal"

My last post was a little premature. Every once in awhile things get tough. Work stress, guests, kids school/sports etc get in the way. Then I need to reavalutate and realize that life is much more vanilla than "other."

Last weekend we went to "dueling" piano bar. Kinda corny but lots of fun. Earlier in the day, she tied a thin ribbon around my wedding ring to signify being "Wrapped Around Her Finger." I really appreciated her initative. We both wondered what I should say if someone asked me about it. Instead of revealing our lifestyle, I was to say my wife put it there but didn't tell me why.

That night was great. A few drinks lossened us both up, lowering the stress levels. Next thing I know she's shed her blouse and only has on a camisole. The woman next to us took one look and removed her bra. Lots of dancing. I pointed out my wrapped finger to the woman next to us, making a circular motion and she said, "Your wrapped around her finger." I replied taht I was and my wife was the boss. She laughed and said that's great. Her husband didn't seem to care about his wife at all. Just sat there while she danced, very suggestively, with me and my wife. Sex was good that night!

I'm happy to report that it wasn't just that night that has changed. My wife's been pretty playful since then and really, that's all I need. I dropped her an email about family scheduling and she replied, "Thanks for checking with the boss." In addition, she'll be taking some time off later this week for a minor medical procedure and told me to expect that she'll be pretty demanding. Specifically, some pretty extensive pedicures!

She's away right now, due back later today. After she left, we spoke and I asked her if I could masturbate. She granted me permission to orgasm. I thought about it for a while then emailed her that I'd rather wait for her return and guidance. She told me that she appreciated my committment. That does alot for me.

I just got off the phone with her. She told me we could "play" sometime before tomorrow morning. To be honest, I'm so fired up that I'll.......go about 2 minutes:)

So things are better. And as I read my previous posts and those of helpmate and the links he provides, I'm remined yet again that just like a regular marriage, a Wife Led Marriage has it's ups and downs.

Thanks to everyone for there support from my last post. I'll try and post again next week after my few days of at home intense service of my wife. Can't wait!