Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Finally, I'm the Boss or.......


Being in a wife led or female led marriage is not about sex. Sex for many is defined as the wife keeping the husband aroused and interested, not as many think, whips, chains and leather.

I'll keep this fairly clean.

We had a great date night last saturday and it ended in our bedroom with me naked and aroused following her directions to find a suitable vacation spot to celebrate our 20th anniversary. I found a nice hotel in Az and she pushed the computer to the end of the bed and then bent forward to check it out.

She looked at me and with her spectacular ass in the air told me to get behind her. Oh boy, it's been awhile since we did it "doggy" style. And then she proceeded to oh so very slowly thrust herself backwards.

"Put your hands on your head."
While checking out the website she continued. Back and forth, just barely touching my erection.
"Oh, look, an adult pool with cabanas. You can serve me there. Don't let my naked breasts get sun burned."
Back and forth. OH MY GOD.
"Make sure you get lots of lotion on my nipples."
Then she reaches underneath herself and guides me into her. I start to thrust. I'm now the boss, behind her, grabbing those fantastic hips, beginning to give it to her doggie style. OH MY GOD.
"Hands on your head." "Don't move."

And then, somehow, just as I was becoming the "boss", the "Man", ready to screw her silly, I'm not allowed to move.

slowly, very slowly, she pleases herself by thrusting back and forth onto me. What position is this? It sure isn't "woman on top." Can't say, "Reverse Doggie." Sounds to similar to "Bend over Boyfriend. :) Yes I was allowed to orgasm. It was one of the most intense of all time and it seemed like it lasted forever.

So....not actually the boss. :) Sometimes you just have to laugh.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Presents and Who We Are

I purposely didn't give my wife any presents that could be construed as wife led. Nothing. Last year I gave her the Rodin sculpture of a man on his knees worshiping his wife. And she didn't give me anything either. No mug with, "She's the Boss." Nothing.

The reason I know this is because we talked about it. Not before but afterwards. I've been feeling a bit neglected lately and just before two families arrive for dinner I brought her into our bedroom and told her so. I told her that I needed to get hard more often, to be aroused, to submit to her. Not have intercourse, no blowjobs (ha, that's funny:), just a little arousal. Get pudgy.

I think that's what alot of guys need. More attention. But this isn't about my needs and obviously not about hers since I didn't mention them either.

So she tells me to start stroking. I am on my knees telling her that I'd like to do this more often and she says if I keep going I can spend the night serving dinner in very sticky underwear. I told her I'd rather not orgasm and was done. Just wanted to play for, oh, 97 seconds.

(Disclaimer. We aren't cheap. Our gift this year was a camera to each other.)

She then says that she thought the presents she gave to me were a little wife led. Really? I didn't think so. A much needed oven mit, a spatula, salad tongs, coffee mugs with hearts, cleaning supplies, kitchen wash clothes and a gift certificate to our favorite local restaurant. (That's for tonight. I'm going to get laid!:) LOL

I told her I purposely stayed away from sexual things. Her stocking included some bubble bath (she was out), 2 magazines for the bath, a pack of gum with a woman lying on her side saying, "Say Please." Ok, that's a bit wife led but it is tradition as was the "Boss Lady" hand lotion. Yes, it says "Boss Lady."

Then she said something profound. She laughed and said that most of both our presents were quite wife led but we are so established in our wife led marriage that we didn't really notice. And she's right. If you were watched me open my stocking you'd think, "Damn, his wife only gave him stuff to clean the house and take care of her." And you'd be right!

She then told me that this is who we are and probably always have been (in a wife led marriage.) That we don't need books or websites to define a us. And that we will continue to be in one and figure out what whats for us. How true.

I hope you all have a happy New Year.

(P.S. I've had some readers join that are single. Wonderful. I hope that they can find happiness in some degree of a female led relationship. If you think about all your friends whose marriages work, I bet almost all have some degree of wife ledness to them

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Few Words

Many guys, OK all guys, in wife led marriages have gone shopping with their wives. We hold doors, pay for things and fetch different sizes. Probably the biggest thing is to dutifully follow our wives carrying the bags. By the way, this is VERY evident during Christmas when the bags become plentiful. I've seen many a guy trudging along behind their wives. But bag carrying is not what this post is about.

The wife needed some cute but useful boots so we headed to some outlets. In one store, she found them. Then the sales lady came over and asked if we needed help.

Here's what happened next.

"No thank you."
She then looks at me.
"Size 9." and holds out her foot.
I immediately drop to one knee, remove her shoe, find size nine and put it on.
"Buy these."

You could catch flies in the saleswoman's mouth.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Home Depot

Use it or lose it. That's my wife's employers vacation policy. Never mind that they work her so hard she can't possibly use it all. In an attempt to have some semblance of life, she took this week off. (But still had to work 5 hours on tuesday and lots of email stuff.) At least she'd have some time to shop for the holidays.

Today was Home Depot Day. We needed a number of small things so with her being off we went together. Yup, brought her to Man's Heaven. Tools, gadgets, more tools, etc. And I know my way around there. Been there alot. It's MY place. She can have Nordstrom's. Home Depot, that's for us men.

Some how that's not how the cashier saw it. Nor the lady in the parking lot.

"Hurry up. She's (the cashier) waiting."
"I know but I wanted to make sure we had everything. Can't have enough stuff when leaving here."
"You have everything. I made sure of it."
(Jokingly) "Well, this is MY place. You can go shopping but I know Home Depot."
"Pay her....now"
"Yes Dear."
"Now carry these things to the car and I'll tell you where you can take me for lunch."
"Thank you."
And me to the smirking cashier, "Damn, how'd I lose that conversation so quickly?"

And on the way to the car.....
"Where are we going for lunch?"
"Where ever I say."
"I know that, but where?"
"Where ever." "You don't need to know."
"So I am going to take you to lunch but you decide where?"
"Well if you tell me where then I'll know where to drive to."
"Nice try. I'm driving and I'll let you know when we get there. Now, put the stuff in the car. I'm going to get warm while you fill up the windshield wiper fluid (we had just bought some)."
"Yes Dear."

And what do I see behind me, a woman who was walking with us the entire way with a huge smile on her face!

Who thought shopping at Home Depot with your wife could be so fun? And the beauty of it all was that we trying to create a "scene". And to be sure she was smiling the whole time but it wasn't forced. It's how are marriage now works.