Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I had a very interesting encounter this morning with my wife. I did a bit of wanking and asked not to orgasm.

She said she was confused. She commented that "if I get frustrated and an orgasm releases that frustration isn't that good?"

"I replied that it's just as good if not better when you get me aroused and I'm not allowed to orgasm."

"But sometimes you get so angry because you are frustrated."

"That's true but ONLY when you ignore me. Arousal/denial/frustration when you are actively involved is totally different than if you just ignore me."


I can't count the number of times I've told her that I just need her to be involved in our sex life and that teasing/arousal can be fun and potentially easier than having intercourse, etc (she doesn't have a libido.)

Over on the blog ATALLTIMES, there is a recent post about a commenter saying that he (AAT) should stop pestering his wife with emails/texts, etc to deny him. That "once" (telling your wife your needs) is enough. Ha! I couldn't disagree more.

Now, my wife may or may not understand. If she can find the fun and the ability to activate the sexual part of her brain is a totally different, and quite sad, issue.