Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Turn Around Time

Normally, if I'm on a blog that is sexual in nature and I read "Turn Around Time" I'm thinking what you are thinking.....How fast can I get it up and do it again.

On the heels of yesterdays post "Busted" where I detailed my failed attempt to photograph the exposed sexy slip she was wearing, I find that same slip acting as a central figure again. No, I'm not a closet crossdresser, sorry Iowabev:)

I washed the aforementioned slip while my wife was at work. And upon returning from work, I was folding laundry and held out her slip and told her it was ready for wearing again. She looked at me and said, "I thought you were to hand wash that." Oh shit. She's right of course. I responded that with the recent illness of our son and the resulting craziness I didnt' have time.

She told me that it is to always be handwashed and that she'd rather wait for it to be ready again, knowing that I hand washed it, than have it ready sooner by throwing it in the washer/dryer. It was the way she said it and the fact that she exercised her authority that made it so damn sexy. I actually got a bit aroused.

Like At All Times recently posted, it is the daily little things, what I call, her active and open acknowledgement of our wife led marriage, that is so very important. It's not all about the bedroom.


I don't take alot of pictures with my cell phone. But the other day my wife looked so damn hot. She's tan now after our vacation and she decided on this warm day to go without pantyhose. It's been awhile, months actually, since she was able to be bare-legged.

She left the house with a new dress on. It's very nice looking, black and white but what sets it apart from others is that it is just a tad shorter than usual. Still proffessional of course.

Later in the day at my son's doctors appointment she lifted up her skirt and flashed me her new slip. I don't know what it is, but I love slips. This one is a shiny, black and dark purple with black lace. I had helped her buy it. Wow. I noticed that when she bent over, the skirt road up her fabulously long (she's 5' 8") tan legs and exposed her slip. OMG.

Two nurses came into the room and were examing my son and asked my wife to help. As she bent over.......CLICK. I'm so stupid, I forgot how much sound the camera phone makes. My then says, "What are you doing, taking a picture of my ass?" I stammered something about not even knowing how to take pictures, blah, blah, blah. BUSTED

Later I wrote her a card apologizing for my indiscretion but describing what I saw, in very flattering terms, and how I'm only human. She read the card and said it (the card) was a good idea.

Looking back I wished I had thrown all caution to the wind with those nurses present and said yes I am taking a picture of you ass. It's fabulous and you are tremendously sexy and I worship you.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Vacation

Our vacation last week had mixed results. Unfortunately, my middle child was quite ill and we couldn't leave him alone. This resulted in no nights out or early morning walks etc. And due to his severe illness and the fact that we were in a 3rd world country we were quite stressed. So not much playful sex.

But we had moments:
1. We did get to talk about her lack of physical intimacy. Granted, it didn't result in anything immediate but communication is important.
2. We had a deck facing the other 1/2 of the hotel. Each morning I served her coffee in colorful boxers that would pass as a bathing suit. The best part was that on the first day she said, "Present the coffee." I got down on one knee and held out the cup. She then said, "With this coffee, I thee........." And I had to repeat it and fill in the blank. "With this coffee I thee worship." Each morning I had to complete the sentence with a different word. I'm sure others saw us on more than one occasion and wondered what was going on. And she said that this is how I should present all coffee in the future. So this morning I was on bended knee. I'm sure this will become a constant ritual. Hmmm, what to do if others are around?
3. She had me kneel by the bedside and masturbate. I'm pretty sure 2 women on a higher deck could see at least something through the sliding glass door.
4. We were bartering for some silver something or other and the guy just couldn't grasp that she was the boss. Pretty damn funny.
5. Off of our rooftop deck there was a backdoor leading to an open walkway and the elevator. No one ever used it because if you wanted to get to your unit, you would go to the floor below. Part of it faced east and we got up very early to watch the sunrise. I served her coffee in an apron. A "man's" apron, long and white. I tie it in the back and then run the string between my legs (think thong:) and eventually wrap and tie around the base of my cock. So there I am serving her coffee and thinking no one else is up this early. If the elevator opens or someone leaves there rooftop deck, there is no place to hide, no where to go. No one was up but neither was the damn sun. It was behind some low clouds so my wife said we couln't leave until we saw the sun. And damn if that sun didn't take it's sweet time. Evntually it broke through and we retreated to our room, undiscovered.

So while we didn't have any intercourse and my wife still struggles with all aspects of physical intimacy, we made the best out of a very difficult situation. Glad to be back home and have my son in the care of his doctors.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Yes Dear

Sorry I can't find the link but there is a story about how couples are less likely to enjoy their marriage after kids.

My wife and I were watch Robin Mead this morning on CNN (she's hot:). This story came up. One person texted in that "After 28 years of marriage, he's determined that the secret to a good marriage is only two words, "Yes Dear."

My wife and I just smiled at each other.

Off on vacation. Always good for a fun story or two. See you in a week.

Monday, April 06, 2009


We are going away soon for a week. Nice, warm and wet.....the beach you pervs.

The wife sent me an email this morning with all I am to do. Ha, I already had done most of it!

Anyway, I'll try and post again before we go. If not, I'm sure there will be much to write about when I get back. She's already told me about sex in the roof top hot tub, me serving her moring coffee on the roof top deck, etc. Did I mention that the roof top is very very visible to all? And did I mention that when I told her that she said she didn't care?

Friday, April 03, 2009

Cold Shower Equals Best Sex

A very large rain storm hit our citylast night. We don't get them often. And as we were drifting off to sleep, we realized that the storm was pretty damn loud. I figured the loose downspout had fallen but I knew I could sleep throught it. And my wife, she could sleep through a civil war.

Her: "Why is it so loud?"
Me: "Downspout disconnected but I'm not going out there now."
Her: "Yes you are."

So I got up and went to the deck door, naked but for a tee shirt. I went out, around the side of the house and found the downspout. It's POURING, really coming down. And it's winter so it's almost snow. Very, very cold. I'm shivering, shaking as I try to reconnect the downspout.

You'd think I'd have shrinkage. Nope, I'm getting very aroused. Freezing, naked, outside in the pouring cold rain.

Finally I connect it and come back in and she points to the side of the bed. I literally shaking I'm so cold but my erection gives me away. I'm very turned on. She tells me to take off my tee shirt and stroke myself.

I'm still shaking, stroking. She asks me if I want to make a warm puddle (orgasm) or go to bed aroused and frustrated.

I tell her the truth. Shaking now not only from the cold but from pure honesty and worry of what she will think.

I tell her what most men in a wife led marriage reallly want to say.

I tell her that I don't want to orgasm. I want to get harder, more frustrated and then told to go to bed. That I want her to control it. That I am hers.

Stroking, aroused, getting close. I can feel the beginning of the orgasm. Deep down.

"That's enough. Turn off my light and the electric blanket."

In the dark, shaking, aroused, I stumble to my side of the bed and while I lie next to her, I stroke her hair and whisper my gratitude for not allowing me to orgasm.