Sunday, September 28, 2008


Not much to report. Just cruising along. A little wife led here and there. I'm traveling a bit over the next two weeks so I won't be posting much. I hope that your relationship, whatever form it may take is keeping you both happy.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

No More Breaks

No more breaks. Thats what my wife said after we agreed to restart our wife led marriage. I had told her I needed some time due to her travels and family stress and quite frankly, her lack of involvment and the fact that her involvemente was going to diminish due to the aforementioned stressors.

We had a bit of a chat. She wanted to continue and so did I. It was simple really. But I told her that I NEEDED her to openly and actively acknowldge our wife led relationship. That I needed it to connect with her emotionally and yes, physically.

I'm sure there will be some ups and downs.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Around Her Finger or Bedroom?

Dont remember where I read it but some posted the thought that instead of approaching your wife with the book/method from Around Her Finger, one should start in the bedroom first.

Essentially the thought was that your wife would be much more open to "dominance" as a playful bedroom game first then moving it into your everyday marriage than having her being the boss of the relationship in every day things. The reason being is that most women in our society are taught, even today, to have the husband lead.

Once you introduce her to "dominance" in the bedroom, you can transition to the rest of your mariage.

This idea has some merit. Thoughts?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Time Out

Life is getting very hectic right now and I told my wife I needed a break. She's buried at work, kids are extremely busy for about a week and then my wife goes on a 5 day business trip. Combine the house/work stress and her very low libido and I'm worried that I'll just get angry and frustrated at her lack of sexual attention. Or we will try and force some sexual play time and that won't work either.

So I told her I"m taking some time off from the Wife-led aspect of our marriage. It's tough for me to seperate out pure service and its sexual aspect. She says she understands but is worried because she sees the wife-led aspect of our marriage as part of the whole. That's encouraging. Of course, it is also frustrating because her low libido prevents her from engaging in the sexual aspect and therefor our sex life is less than ideal.

Anyway, I'll be reading but doubt I'll have anything to post for about 2 weeks. I do believe everything will be fine so you all hang in there. I still remain a true believer in a wife-led marriage.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

In the Closet

Finally, a date night. Nope, one kid here, one there, another out, etc, etc. Can't have the 2nd glass of wine with kids not in bed.

After we got some to bed, one was still awake. We said our goodnights and headed to the bedroom. But we can't have sex in bed because we only have a very sheer curtain covering our glass bedroom door. So what does my wife do?

She calls me into the bathroom/walk in closet and tells me to fuck her. Hey, who am I to disobey a direct order. So I did. I fucked her.

In the closet. :)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Theft (and Orgasm Control)

I'm stealing, again, from a favorite blog of mine, Atalltimes. He recently posted a letter written to Ken and Emily Addison of fame. It dealt with orgasm control. It was very well written and I sent the link to my wife because I wanted her to know how I felt.

My wife, like Jane (AAT's wife) frequently tease us and then allow us to orgasm. My wife will even ask me if I want to orgasm. I've told her not to ask but to no avail. It comes as no suprise that many wives don't understand the denial aspect and allow us to orgasm because they want to please us. Fair enough, they love us.

AAT added the following:
""Taking control and acknowledging your power outside the bedroom has the same effect on me, and just encourages me to think about you more and more, which is something that I so love to do.""

Well done, ATT. I didn't include this to my wife but will verbalize it to her over drinks. We are have a date night Saturday. I know this because I sent my wife the following email and here is her replies (in Italics)

Date Night. Somewhat sexy clothing. Food. Shopping? Gateway? Alchohol. More alchohol. And yes, I need to get laid. Badly. Whatever

You are not allowed to decide if or when we date. I call the date, the details, the attire and the beverages. You wait and see.

And thanks for the link to Aroundherfinger. Sounds familiar to our conversations. And as for saturday night and orgasm? Whatever I say.

So if you really want a wife led marriage and believe that orgasm control is essential, then please go to and sent it to your wife. I would definately at ATT's comment about what happens outside the bedroom.