Monday, October 16, 2006

Boss's Day

Did all you submissive men and dominant women know it's Boss's Day? While running errands this morning I happened to stop in a kinky card shop. Just thought I'd pick up a funny card for my wife. fortunately, there were gifts and cards for your boss laid out so I picked up a little something. No sooner had I gotten in the car, my cell phone ran and she asked me if I knew what day it was. "YES" I replied, "it's Boss's Day. And yes, I did pick you up a little something already." (Whew:)

So gents, it's late, get moving. Ladies, will you give him a ring or just punish him if he forgets?


At 10:23 PM, Blogger helpmate hubby said...

The girls who are under me sent me a card that said "Thank you for being one of the girls." Yes seriously, b/c they feel so free to talk about there personal lives in front of me.


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