Thursday, September 21, 2006

Boot polishing and Boot shopping

For the next two days it's all about the boots. Due to a computer problem at work, my wife decided to stay home until 9am, 45 minutes after the kids leave. As they were leaving she waved at the kitchen and told me she saved the clean up for me. Then she pulled her foot off the floor and asked me if, "I was proud that she was going to work with these boots?" There was dust and some old scuff marks on them from being in the "summer" closet. Ouch. How was I to know what she was going to wear this morning? She then went and sat down on her chair and started to read some important work documents. I proceeded to get out the polish and rags. When I approached her, she said she didn't have time to "play." I told her no pressure or time needed the only thing she HAD to do was tell me to polish her shoes. She told me and I happily stripped naked and polished her boots. When done she got up, I put my pants back on and she left for work. No masturbation, no direct stimulation but plenty of submission. Sometimes the simplest of things......

I capitalized HAD because if I just dropped down and started polishing I wouldn't have had nearly the experience. Yes, even in a wife-led relationhsip, sometimes you have to give a little direction as to what you want and need.

Now about the boot shopping.....a little teaser for the few readers of this blog. We have a date night set up and she's already told me that we are boot shopping. Last time this occurred I spent alot of time on my knees helping her try on shoes, fetching different sizes and the having her walk out while I paid for them. The most sexual aspect of it all was when she tried on some amazing stappy high healed pumps and casually rubbed her foot in my crotch. I wonder how many women noticed my submission and the ensuing erection I was unable to hide.

Here's to hoping for a repeat performance tomorrow night! I'll let you all know!


At 6:38 PM, Blogger helpmate hubby said...

that sounds interesting, can't wait for an update!


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