Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wife led....low fat

I sent this email to my wife who is on a business trip. We send quite a few emails back and forth and I eagerly await each one. Can't wait until she gets home. She'll be tired and I'll need to be careful not to be too pushy. Throwing my clothes off and kissing her feet at the baggage courosel may be a bit over the top:)!!

This is the quote I picked up from (I believe) Candace's blog and I sent it to my wife. Here is the quote. Her reply follows. (I also included the cartoon of the man doing the dishes while the wife sits on her chair reading the newspaper. I couldn't figure out how to post it here.)

Thought you'd enjoy this...

"What I find curious is that in most domestic relationships, the woman already leads. She may not confess to it, but when it comes to the operations of a household and a relationship, her will is usually what dictates decisions and outcomes. It seems to be only in the realm of extending her authority to the bedroom (or the kitchen table for the more spontaneous and adventurous) that women hesitate."

My wife's reply:

The problem with the cartoon is that her chair is upholstered in polka dot fabric, should be carefully moisturized leather, and he is wearing a shirt and tie, it should be an apron!

I know for many of you this isn't much. But for my wife it's great and certainly got me going (but knowing I better not orgasm until she is here and gives me permission.) I'm always fascinated by the many different levels (and sometimes jealous) of FLRs.

I hope all is well with your female led relationship....whatever the level.


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