Monday, August 28, 2006

Saturday Night Date

As previously posted, we did have our "date night" on Saturday. And it was pretty "normal." We went to a neighbors house for a few drinks then out to dinner. I'd like to say it was full of wife-led kinky stuff but it wasn't and that was just fine with me. However, it must have been on her mind because she made she noticed a few guys and made wrapped references. My only comment was to say that if more guys were wrapped, their marriages would be better.

Here's what I noticed most this weekend. Being wrapped around her finger is coming much more naturally to her. Comments, demands and frequent updates of the "to-do" list are occurring so often that it seems ordinary. Maybe that is why the weekend seemed normal. I wonder if this weekend occurred 2 months ago would I be posting about my wife's wild/kinky dominant behavior? Probably. My wife She says she likes it because it helps fullfill my sex drive with something she CAN do.

My hope is that it all continues at this level. I must be careful to notice if I start to push for more kinky stuff and turn her off.

I hope you had a good weekend. I'm off to run errands and knock off some of the things on the her to-do list. With any luck I'll get some mid-week......attention:)


At 6:11 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

So much fun to hear about another couple that's gotten further than we have on this road. But I think the tone and level of this may well be similar if we ever get there.

I agree, for me it's mostly the little every-day things, rather than the big fantasy things that are the most satisfying ... not that a little fantasy would be bad (grin)...

I have the "Around Her Finger" book and would love to hear any more you'd care to post about how she reacted to it when she first read it.

Look forward to hearing about your explorations!


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