Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Have you ever typed in "nipple slip" into google? Tons of sites showing various starts and the opening of blouses. Who doesn't like a little nipple now and then? However, this post isn't about nipples (sadly:), it's about the other slippage.

Slippage in a wife led marriage are those moments when either yourself or your wife says or I suppose does something that might let others in on the dynamics of your relationship. I'm not talking about planned things like a frisky wife who purposely just stands next to the restaurant table waiting for you to pull her chair out. Those are fun. Slippage is unplanned and the shock of it is both exciting and awkward.

This past saturday we went to a sales pitch from a vacation club. When we were sitting down with the salesperson he asked who make the initial call after getting the invitation. I told him that I did. He then confirmed that it was I who completed the on-line travel survey to get the invitation. At this point my wife jumped in and said no, she had done the survey. He was a little confused and inquired as to why I had placed the phone call if she had done the survey. A simple, clean response from my wife did the trick....."Because I told him to." Granted this guy was a stranger but there was an awkward moment or two and then he continued. What a turn on!

The second of the weekend slippage was mine. We had our closest friends over who don't know, at least officially, about the wife-led aspect of our marriage. The mundane day to day life stuff came up, specifically plumbing. They have exceptionally hard water and my wife asked if we did too. I simply replied that yes we do, and "that's why I have to use vinegar to get the stains off or YOUR bathtub." (this tub resides in our master bathroom) It just slipped out and I honestly didn't even think about it for a few minutes.



At 7:59 PM, Blogger helpmate hubby said...

i'm like you i absolutely love it when it subtedly comes out from public circumstances that my Wife wears the pants. The other day i was overheard on the phone by a new secretary at my office talking to my Wife and asking Her for an increase in my allowance! I didn't know she was there and it was sooo embarrassing!

But i got a "submale rush" out of it too!

At 2:38 PM, Blogger Kathy said...

Thank you both for the comments. John also loves these little unplaned moments when something just happens by accident or I just do something without thinking that leads to a public outing.

A little while ago I decided John needed a new pair of dress slacks. We went to the local mall store. Without really thinking, I picked out a pair of slacks, and in front of a sales clerk, simply told him to try them on and come back out so I could see how they looked on him.

Before making a selection I had him try on several pairs and come back out each time for inspection. What made the situation so embarrasing for John was that the total discussion about what to buy was between me and the sales clerk. I never once thought to ask John what he liked. It was like his oppinion did not matter. In a way I treated him like a child in front of this young, pretty clerk. Later he told me that this was much less than a macho moment.

The slacks were for him, but it was just so ovious he told me, who really were the pants. This was not intented to give him anything like a little fem/dom moment, it just happened.

There have been other instances where I casually give John insrtuctions in front of other people, and he accidently responds with a yes mistress instead of a yes dear. Sometimes people catch it, and soemtimes they don't. Of course, the term mistress has at least two different meaning, but I do belive more and more people are associating the term mistress with a submissive male and dominant women.

You know I am not really sure how much real power most women have over their submissive guys. I am not sure, but I suspect that because of the way we entered into a FLM I may have more authority over my little guy than most women.

Again, thank you guys for the insght into the male mind. Love, Kathy

At 7:46 PM, Anonymous laura Moberly said...

We've had that kind of moment too. The instance that first comes to mind is when my husband was on computer and friends were over and I walked over and told him to get off so I could get on. Our friends made comment that "got him trained well" and I just gave a little smile but could tell hubby was a little embarassed.

At 8:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 12:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wife has worn the pants throughout our 21 year marriage. We had a couple over last week and the husband asked me if I golfed. My wife smiled and said I didn't have time since my Saturdays are taken up with housework, laundry and shopping. I felt myself flush beet red and watched the other man look away, embarrassed for me. His wife, on the other hand, laughed with delight. "I love it", she said. My wife said, "I wear the pants in this house, don't I, little man?" My voice cracked when I replied with the obligatory, "Yes, dear." I was then sent to the kitchen to refresh everyone's drinks. I had to hide the pup tent that had grown in the front of my pants.

At 3:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My marriage is like this too (I'm the submissive husband) and I absolutely love it. Our kids know, our friends know, and random acquaintances pick up on it pretty easily. I am very handy with submissive gestures, checking with her first, letting her make decisions outright without protest, always being meek even when I disagree, and saying things like, "yes, ma'am".... and I could not possibly be happier about it. This evening I plan to do dishes and other house chores, and I find it exciting when she tells me what to do or commits my time to others without checking with me first. Someday my big dream is to be a house husband, but for now I am still the very uxorious breadwinner.


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