Friday, March 05, 2010

Closing Ceremony: No Thanks

Yesterday my wife had me go down to the mall with the free coupon for a Victoria's Secret panty. Now being sent to VS by my wife to pick out a panty for her is fantastic. First it shows she's the boss. Second, I get to pick out what her panties look like (though they must be comfortable and cotton. She also said that they must be in Spring colors.) Third, not knowing which panties fell under the coupon I had to ask the sales girl. And while I didn't say, "Hi, my wife told me to go come here and pick out panties for her. With any luck I'll pick out a pair that will please her so much that she'll have me kneeling bedside and pleasing her orally..." Well, you get the picture:) The sales girl did have quite a smile on her face so who knows what she was thinking.

I also had to go and pick up the ring that has "Whatever" on the inside. And I might say, proudly carrying a VERY small bag from VS through the mall and to the jewler.

With all that done, I was in a great mood and thanked my wife a few times for sending me on the panty run. She also thanked me for taking our kid to his music lesson so she could get on the treadmill. I tried to explain that it pleases me to drive him SO she can work out. That I like to server her.

This morning I spooned her a bit and then pulled away when I felt my erection growing. I didn't want her to feel pressured. I did feel that her feet needed more pumicing and I asked her if I could do that. She said after the shower when they are softer.

30 minutes later saw me in my pajamas serving her coffee and pumicing her feet in the LR while she watched the news. (I'll leave the fantasy of who saw me to a different post). When finished I just got up and watched some TV with her.

"What, that's it? No closing ceremonies?" (That's her way of expecting me to masturbate in front of her)

"No. I just wanted to do that for you. It's my way of thanking you for sending me to get the panties."

Nothing more was said or done. I will either send her and email or tell her later that while I definately did recieve some sexual gratification for pumicing her feet, not everything I do is all about sex and or more specifically, my orgasm. I just want to do some nice things for her. It's facinating to me but I'm not sure she understands that yet.

All in all, a great two days!


At 7:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not sure that it is necessarily easy for any wives to understand fully what really motivates her submissive husband.

Just a thought. Does your wife like to feel that you are "serving" her. The reason I ask is that Jane doesn't, it least she does in the sense that she likes the attention, but doesn't like me to refer to it as "service". Its a bit like using words like slave, mistress, subservient, you can be all those things, as long as you don't refer to them as such.

The only reason I ask is that you told her that you like to serve her.

I also wondered sometimes if its not a bad thing to let your wife know that she is turning you on just by spooning, being close, even aroused, and that it doesn't always have to lead to sex.

Just some thoughts, on what sounded like a very productive few days. Maybe next time your wife gets a panty voucher you should tell her it's a pity that VS don't cater for men, in which case you could get some new pants. You never know she might say that you can choose yourself some but in your size lol

At 4:05 AM, Blogger subservient-husband said...

Wow, being sent on a panty run. Way to go. I am sure she saw the practicallity of sending you to free up her time for other things, but also the authority over you to send you to do something uncomfortable for most guys. Sounds like she is getting comfortable in her leadership and finding ways things can be directed to how she wants in day to day things. Glad it is working out.

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