Friday, May 25, 2007

Still Going

Simply stated: My marriage is a wife-led marriage. As always, ups and downs. What we struggle with, in general, is my wife's lack sexual desire. Though I think a wife-led marriage helps this situation as she gets to dictate anything sexual, it is not a fix-all.

But we are committed to our marriage, each other and for the forseeable future, the concept of a wife led marriage and all that it intails.

I hope that those reading this blog find happiness and a dominant wife!

I'll write again soon when something important happens. Either way, mid-June is our anniversary of our wife led marriage (it's when I gave her the Aroundherfinger book.) We've talked about different ways of celebrating this occassion but haven't come to a conclusion. I'll let you all know.


At 11:56 PM, Blogger marriagechili said...

Thanks for the blog, it's been great to look into the life of another that is so similar to mine.

I found your blog while searching for information into LFA. My motives are pretty much the same as what I read into your blog; getting her attention, jump start her libido, and get back into having great sex again.

We just had a second daughter last month, and the wave of family visitors will end next week. Soon after she'll be able to have sex again. I hope we can get back into our roles after such a long stretch of vanilla.

We will soon be getting a new computer, I'm thinking of breaking the ice by showing her your blog.

Anyway, one question; how much of the dominant role is your wife taking in the bedroom? Your blog only mentions the sex, and I'm curious as to whether you've had her dominate you sexually too.



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