Sunday, January 28, 2007


Two weeks is too long. That's how long I went without........anything. No sex, touching, requests from my wife, etc. I know it wasn't intentional on my wife's part. She had taken a few single days off, creating short weeks. That coupled with a few holidays and she fell behind in her work leaving her tired and stressed. Never a good combination.

However, last night was alot of fun. She recently bought some new dresses that plunge too low to wear to work. She calls them eye candy for me and they most certainly are! We started our date at the gym. We are trying to get into shape but schedules make it tough to find time to work out. After the gym, we hit the hot tub where my wife was the only woman among 5-6 guys. I do get a thrill out of showing her off. She doesn't always realize how attractive she is and I sometimes have to point out when others check her out.

Dinner was next. Her dress plunging the perfect amount to show some cleavage. Her black boots were the perfect compliment. Lots of fun chatter, commenting on other diners and the lousy waiter.

After dispatcing the babysitter I entered our bedroom to find her warmly ensconsed in our bed. She told me to have a seat and when I sat on the bed she looked at me and said no, the floor was more appropriate. I love it when she is demanding and I had the pleasure of providing foot care: Massage, callous removal, lotion application etc. We talked alot and then she threw back the covers and moved to my side of the bed, a frequent move on her part to avoid sleeping in the wet spot. I usually place my pillow under her with the hope of our combined juices dampening my pillow, further reminding me of our wife-led relationship as I drift off to sleep.

When we woke this morning we read in bed after I served her coffee, naked. She's left the house to take our son to sports practice which is something that I usually do. But while he is practicing she can get in some much wanted exercise. I'm going to work my butt off while she is gone so she doesn't have to do anything this afternoon except enjoy another cup of coffee.

I don't know what will happen in the next two weeks. I'm guessing whatever she says...LOL


At 9:19 AM, Blogger Cecilyxiong said...

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At 5:38 PM, Blogger subservire said...

You're right. Two weeks is a long time and it's difficult not to remind her or to pressure her. I've had nothing for a week and yesterday I reminded her of this. Bad move! Now I'm back to square one.

At 3:54 AM, Blogger faninho said...

It is a long time and it is no good. But it is wonderful to read from others.
It is not rare that I wait for something of this craved female energy and even a fortnight is not very much.
The big question is: How to ask her without pushing her. For me the best way is just to mention that I miss "it"- just to tell her and try to avoid to put some weight on her. It happened, that she just had forgotten and that she now found it is a good idea to see her husband again for some pleasure. But that's not a granted way - of course not!

At 6:58 PM, Blogger Rod Williams said...

Would love to know how long you all have been doing this with your wives and whether they started it or you encouraged them to. After 15 years of marriage where I was definitely the one in charge, we have now started this. We started with her taking charge of my orgasms for fun, then it quickly has changed into me happily letting her take charge of more and more. Gotta say, its thrilling and I've never been so in love with her. But for this 3 months we've been doing this the sex has been fantastic. Just wondering if you all have gone years and if so, has it dampened down. I'm happily doing most of the housework and getting early to make the breakfast and get her the paper to read, and doing lots of massages (foot and otherwise) and she's loving it. But would love to know what its looked like for you all in the longer term...

At 1:27 PM, Blogger boberto said...

wow great article, i sure hope i'm in the same lucky position as yours.


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