Monday, November 26, 2007

All is Well

Not too much going on. Just "normal" wife led things such as:
....I mentioned that my car needs gas. She replied, "Mine too." She fully expects never to pump gas again.
....While washing the dishes with another guy at a friends house she came up and simply put her greasy hand under the water and said "Wash."
.....Made me likc some whip cream off her fingers infront of others.
.....Just after I busted my ass cleaning up all the dishes and finally sat down for some pecan pie, she looks across our friends rather large living room and makes her hands into a cup. Up I go to serve her coffee.

Take care.


At 8:37 PM, Blogger helpmate hubby said...

subtle yet hot, another great read. Thanks, i should have a few more updates myself shortly, sorry i have been out of the submale loop.

At 2:10 AM, Anonymous all for her said...

Sorry to be off topic, but HH, many of us miss you and would love to see your blog again.
Thanks, and sorry for the off topic comment.

At 5:22 AM, Blogger Susan's Pet said...

I love those subtle yet powerful hints. She appears to be enjoying her position. That makes much of the effort that you put into this relationship good. Only good things can come from this.

At 7:07 AM, Blogger helpmate hubby said...

I will have some new entries up soon, going through a difficult time right now and have not had time.


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